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HERE, automakers group adult to share information on trade conditions

HERE, automakers group adult to share information on trade conditions

depicts a operation of sensor information feeding a new set of live
trade services


By Eric Auchard

LONDON (Reuters) – German digital map builder HERE will deliver a
new set of trade services this week that allows drivers to see
for themselves what live highway conditions are like miles ahead
regulating information from competing automakers, an attention first.

The Berlin-based company, owned by Germany’s 3 premium
automakers, will yield 4 services in that drivers share
minute video views of trade jams or accidents, intensity road
hazards like haze or sleazy streets, trade signs including
proxy speed boundary and on-street parking.

BMW , Daimler and Volkswagen will all minister information to the
service, creation their initial large partnership given they bought
HERE for 2.8 billion euros ($3.1 billion) late final year from
mobile apparatus builder Nokia of Finland.

Other automakers are approaching to join a plan after and
minister information from their vehicles, HERE said.

The new live trade services are set to strike a highway in the
initial half of 2017, HERE pronounced on Monday before a opening of
this week’s Paris Motor Show.

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles from a 3 German
automakers are set to start feeding visible information into a HERE
complement provision these services, with millions of vehicles
approaching to minister live trade feeds by a finish of 2018,
HERE said.

“You have competing brands that are putting their information together
to emanate really singular services that were not probable before,”
Bruno Bourguet, HERE’s tellurian conduct of sales, pronounced in an

Data collected from vehicles participating in a network, drawn
from brakes, windshield wipers, headlights, plcae systems,
cameras and other sensors, are translated into alerts on driver
dashboards regulating a HERE services.

Collecting worldly information from millions of cars on a road
promises to give HERE a estimable lead over record rivals
such as Google , Apple , Tesla and TomTom , that have entrance to
information from distant fewer vehicles to collect supposed crowd-sourced
data, analysts say.

“Crowd-sourced information is essential for live traffic/maps and a size
of a user bottom will be pivotal to differentiation,” UBS pronounced in a
new report.

As other automakers minister information for these services, an
increasingly extensive perspective of highway conditions around the
universe will be built to assist tellurian drivers and, eventually,
mechanism systems for unconstrained cars, for that real-time road
information is a pre-condition for replacing tellurian drivers.

To date, efforts to comprehend a intensity for connected cars have
relied on efforts by particular automobile makers or technology
suppliers, with most of a trade information collected cramped to
really singular roads or city-level projects.

HERE, that provides plcae information to carmakers, businesses and
consumer mobile apps, skeleton to offer live trade information to the
automobile attention and other businesses wanting some-more than immobile maps
for new connected automobile services, including municipalities, road
authorities, smartphone makers or mobile app developers.

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(Reporting by Eric Auchard; Editing by Adrian Croft)

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