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Hamas blocks orphans from visiting Israel

Hamas blocks orphans from visiting Israel

A organisation of 37 orphans from Gaza Strip were prevented from channel into Israel Sunday after Hamas backtracked from a understanding reached to concede a kids to debate a Jewish state, observant a debate was an try to “brainwash” a kids. The indicent took place amid claims of clashes
along a limit between a IDF and Palestinains.



The group, comprised of children aged 5 to 12 whose fathers were killed in a 50-day summer fight between Hamas and Israel, were all prepared to go during a limit channel with Israel when Hamas rescinded a initial agreement to a visit.


Erez Crossing (Photo: Roee Idan)


The children, some of them with families with clever links to Hamas, had been privileged to go on a special revisit by a IDF over a week ago and were set to revisit an Israeli safari, debate a Bediun city of Rahat, and even accommodate Palestinian President Abbas in Ramallah. They were also scheduled to debate a Israeli communities that live nearby a Gaza border.


Eyad Bozum, a orator for Hamas, pronounced a children were prevented from roving Sunday to “protect a enlightenment of a children and a people” from normalizing family with Israel.


He says Hamas incited a children behind when they arrived during a channel into Israel. He says Hamas would make certain such an try “will never occur again.”


The thought behind a revisit was to uncover a children a other side of a conflict, and a beginning was led by Yoel Marshak, from a Kibbutz Movement.



Marshak waits during limit channel (Photo: Roee Idan)

He waited for hours Sunday morning for a children to cranky together with member of Israel’s Bedouin community, who also took partial in putting a eventuality together.


“We did all we could to concede them to enter Israel,” Marshak said, station over a list full of candies a organizers had brought a kids. “We upheld on their names to a applicable state bodies and they were all okayed. This is a really singular step on Israel’s side, though sadly it was Hamas’ group during a channel that combined issues.”


According to Marshak, “Arab media is really indignant with Hamas, there were a lot of people watchful to accommodate these kids, we perceived a lot of support and help. We will continue to work, mostly during a tactful level, to concede them to come. If not today, afterwards in a future.”


In response to a report, Hamas pronounced that it rejects any kind of normalization with Israel, observant “these forms of encounters are Israeli attempts to save a children so that they forgot a Palestinian emanate and give adult their principles.”


Elior Levy and a Associated Press contributed to this report



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