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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Why Meredith and Cristina are a best womanlike friends on TV

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Why Meredith and Cristina are a best womanlike friends on TV

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey are not besties. They are not friends forever. They are not twinsies. They’re any other’s person. They’re a Twisted Sisters. And that’s what creates them a best womanlike friends on television.


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In a radio realm, it’s singular that dual females form a lifelong bond out of being “dark and twisty,” yet that’s precisely what Cristina and Meredith have done. In a beginning, they pennyless a mold since they didn’t spend their days selling and articulate about their crushes. They spent their days operative and articulate about their slutty mistakes. They were rival with any other on a veteran level, and they pushed any other to be great. They weren’t overly sensitive. They were smart. They were strong. They were, and still are, a unequivocally singular illustration of females.

For a prolonged while, conjunction of them knew if they wanted kids, and to this day, Cristina still doesn’t. And theory what? That doesn’t make her any reduction of a woman. When she’s upset, she climbs in bed with her best friend, where they don’t have a sham quarrel and they don’t cuddle it out. They splash tequila, they dance it out, and they skip a bullsh–.

Cristina and Meredith are not passive-aggressive. They’re not “catty.” They are entirely shaped people who are good during what they do, have a dim side, and never have to feign with any other. If Meredith has to put on a bridesmaid’s dress to support Cristina, fine, she’ll be there. But she won’t like it, since Cristina and Meredith are surgeons first. They’re people second. And they’re “stereotypical women” … never. And that’s what creates them so great.

When they fight, they unequivocally fight. And all that dark-and-twisty nonsense? Well, they are dim and twisty partly since they concede any other to be dim and twisty. There’s zero they bashful divided from and zero they can’t forgive. If Cristina has to be there to speak Meredith behind from a dead, she will. If she has to reason her behind from a gunman, she’ll do that too. Because she’s her person.

There’s zero feign about Meredith and Cristina, that is a monument in how womanlike friends are portrayed on television. They don’t quarrel over a same guy, and they don’t “gossip.” They have intelligent conversations. Sure, infrequently they splash a small too most booze and speak about inapt things, yet they do it with an dilemma and with honesty. They don’t giggle; they laugh.

Even now that they’re out of a “dark and twisty” phase, we won’t find them huddled in a dilemma slicing coupons or formulation a home-cooked meal. You’ll find them being a good mom or a good aunt and, even still, a good surgeon.

Cristina and Meredith are a best womanlike friends on TV since they don’t try to be. They’re well-rounded characters who entirely accept any other. There are no dark meanings or distant motives. And even yet they’d never brave get young adequate to contend it, they’re essence mates.

All of this is to contend that Cristina’s exit in Thursday night’s part will be generally painful, since we won’t only be losing one person. We’ll also be observant goodbye to half of this friendship.

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