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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ trainer teases new doctors and new relationships

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ trainer teases new doctors and new relationships

When Grey’s Anatomy returns, some doctors competence be on a rocks, while others will be anticipating new relationships—oh, and there will also be some new doctors entrance to Grey Sloan Memorial, according to executive writer Shonda Rhimes, who gives EW a outline of what’s in store for a second half of a season:


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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is withdrawal for Washington D.C., so how will he and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) hoop a prolonged stretch marriage?
SHONDA RHIMES: We finish them in a sincerely dim place. He’s walking divided and she’s arrange of pushed him out a door. It’s like, we call someone’s steep and lift them out a door. He’s carrying a tough time, she’s carrying a tough time with this. we adore a echoes of her mom that are in there and what that means for her. we adore a thought that this could presumably meant that for a initial time in her life during a hospital, she has conjunction Cristina [Sandra Oh] or Derek, and therefore is radically alone and how she’s going to cope with that. It’s going to be unequivocally engaging for her.

Is Derek indeed going to D.C.? Is a uncover holding place in dual opposite locations?
Rhimes: Those are dual opposite questions.

Which one do we wish to answer?
Rhimes: The uncover is not holding place in dual opposite locations. It’s rarely illusive that we competence not see Derek for a while.

Is Patrick Dempsey off a show?
Rhimes: There will be a time when we see him again, yes, though it’s illusive that we will not see Derek for a while.

What can we provoke for Apr and Jackson’s arriving baby struggle? It’s been pronounced there’s no wish for this child, so is this a exam of faith for April?
Rhimes: Yeah. It was unequivocally interesting. we was a chairman in a room who was like, “April and Jackson should get pregnant!” Then it was unequivocally engaging for Sarah Drew to come adult to me and say, “I’m pregnant!” “That’s extraordinary since your impression is too!” It was ideal timing. Sarah Drew was a one who came to me and pitched this story. A unequivocally pregnant, unequivocally Christian Sarah Drew came to me and pitched this story. we was like, “We’re not doing it, it’s so horrifying.” we was like, “We can’t, a karma!” But a reasons since she pitched this story were really, unequivocally beautiful, that were about a impression who has this eremite faith, a alloy who has this eremite faith, who both knows a medical side and a eremite side carrying to unequivocally combat with that. I’ve seen doctors on radio wrestling with their eremite faith in other ways, though this was a unequivocally singular one. The approach it’s handled, a approach she handles it, a approach her impression comes by it is utterly pleasing actually. I’m indeed unequivocally unapproachable of how we told a story.

Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are operative on anticipating themselves separately, so what can we provoke of their story lines in a second half of a season? Will we see some new adore interests?
Rhimes: Right when we started a second half of a season, we unequivocally was resistant to a thought of adhering them together with somebody else. As supportive as we am about only adhering Owen [Kevin McKidd] with somebody is how supportive we am about adhering Arizona or Callie with somebody. But we adore playing: where does a adore go? If we mangle adult with somebody, it’s not like we don’t adore them anymore. They’re right there. There’s a lot of a lift of who they are together now. Are they friends? What’s that mean? Are they still there for one another in times of need? Arizona is unequivocally focused on her preparation that she’s removing from Dr. Herman [Geena Davis] and that grows some-more heated as time goes by and turns into a unequivocally extraordinary story. Geena Davis is incredible. Her concentration is unequivocally there. Callie’s concentration is unequivocally on perplexing to grow herself. We’re only reaching a indicate in a storytelling—and we will tell we I’m on partial 13 or 14 in a scripts, not in a shooting—and they’re indeed starting to date other people and figure out what that is, though that partial is only beginning.

As a Calzona fan, that creates me nervous.
Rhimes: It creates me shaken too. we have to tell you, it creates me shaken too. we am still a fixed follower that they can figure it out. I’m not observant they’re going to, though we am one of their fans as a integrate since we adore their story together. we adore who they are together. we wish them to work out their crap and get it together.

We saw a initial hint between Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen. Are we relocating brazen with that dynamic? What can we provoke for their story lines both together and alone for a second half of a season?
Rhimes: We’ve been doing unequivocally good things with Amelia as she’s entrance into her possess as a neurosurgeon. She’s perplexing to fill her brother’s shoes, that is not an easy thing to do during a sanatorium and in terms of a medical of it all. Those of a fans who watched Private Practice know who she is and know what her past is–how those elements of her past will come into play, how those elements of her past competence be influenced when Apr has to go by what April’s going through. If we watched Private Practice, you’re going to be rewarded with a small additional something if we know about Amelia. If we didn’t, we still get this deeper bargain of who this impression is. And she and Owen, we would contend they’re relocating slowly. I’m not throwing people together. There are some unequivocally critical episodes, so we’re also perplexing to give some comedy and let things be lighter. The Owen and Amelia thing is not some big, heavy, dim thing. It’s lighter during this indicate in time. We haven’t had them take any hulk steps.

What’s a subsequent step for Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington)?
Rhimes: we can't tell we what’s going to occur with Alex and Jo. That feels unequivocally spoilery. we will tell we that Jo’s uncanny attribute with Meredith—which we find to be hilarious—the thought that Jo can’t figure out how to have a attribute [with her]. Meredith feels like she’s entrance in between their relationship, though not really. we find a attract to it. You start to know that Jo kind of idolizes Meredith, so how do we understanding with a fact that your statue is your boyfriend’s best friend? That whole aspect is unequivocally charming. Alex and Meredith’s loyalty strengthens. There’s a lot good things function with them.

What’s subsequent for Maggie (Kelly McCreary)? Will she bond some-more with Meredith? Finally determine with Richard (James Pickens Jr.)? Maybe get a adore interest?
Rhimes: First of all, Kelly McCreary is terrific. We’re unequivocally going to see some-more of her. She and Meredith’s loyalty unequivocally deepens. They’re still perplexing to figure out what they are to one another. Are they only going to be friends? Are they going to be sisters? How are they going to be with one another? And how she fits into a world. She and Richard have some work to do together as well. She still has some things to learn. She still doesn’t know all there is to know about Ellis [Kate Burton]. She still doesn’t even know Ellis had Alzheimer’s since she doesn’t know a lot about her past, that we consider is important. We’re doing a small adore seductiveness stuff, that we consider is going to be great.

Somebody we know or somebody we’re going to meet?
Rhimes: We need some some-more boys, we feel, so we’re bringing in some men.

New doctors?
Rhimes: Possibly. I’m not observant that these new doctors are going to be new array regulars. I’m only observant we need an distillate of men. Suddenly we was like, “We have a lot of chicks and don’t have anybody to date.” Also, Bailey [Chandra Wilson] and Ben [Jason George] are carrying some unequivocally engaging struggles as a couple, and that’s going to be interesting.

Grey’s Anatomy earnings Thursday during 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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