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Google’s biggest hits, misses, and WTF moments of 2015

Google’s biggest hits, misses, and WTF moments of 2015

For Google, 2015 was a year of transformation, as a association breathed new life into aged products, got critical about some formerly initial efforts, and even announced a vital restructuring. But it was also a year in that a past held adult to Google, with previously-minor nags branch into bigger headaches.

Here are a highlights and lowlights of Google’s 2015.

Hit: Chromecast cashes in

Not everybody was sold on Google’s inexpensive streaming video dongle when it initial launched in 2013. But dual years later, Chromecast is an undeniable hit, with 20 million units sole to date. Although a 2015 upgrade isn’t a vital improvement, it doesn’t need to be; new program facilities and a sepulchral app preference have authorised even a strange Chromecast to get improved with age.

Miss: Android Wear doesn’t get worn

Google-powered smartwatches done lots of swell this year, with iOS support, improved standalone functionality , and a garland of better-looking hardware. But so distant those efforts haven’t translated to poignant sales. A Nov report by Canalys claimed that no smartwatch businessman shipped some-more than 300,000 units in a prior entertain solely Apple, that altered scarcely 7 million smartwatches by comparison. If there’s a pivotal to widespread smartwatch success, Android hasn’t burst it yet.

Hit: Google Photos subtracts a “Plus”

Google’s print storage use was always cursed to shade as a amicable networking byproduct, and 2015 was a year Google finally concurred it. Liberated from Google+, a new Google Photos is distant some-more compelling, generally with facilities like involuntary (and private) facial recognition. As before, giveaway storage is total if we determine to let Google restrict your photos.

Miss: Map Maker’s faulty exposure

Google wasn’t directly to censure when an picture of a Android mascot urinating on an Apple trademark seemed in Google Maps final April. Instead, a user-created antic illustrated a critical miss of slip in Google’s Map Maker tools. The annoying Easter egg stirred Google to shut down Map Maker for 4 months while a association worked on improved mediation schemes.

Hit: Self-driving cars strike a road

Although Google has been retrofitting SUVs with self-driving hardware for years, in 2015 a new swift of prototypes arrived with automation in mind. (Riders can even detach a steering wheel.) They’ve been cruising a streets of Mountain View and Austin given a summer, capped during 25 mph, with tellurian minders-slash-drivers compulsory to be on board. The trail to commercialization is murky, though we can be certain a automobile courtesy is profitable unequivocally tighten courtesy now.

Miss: Feeling a fist from Apple

Google loves to speak about the expansion intensity for mobile search, though a nauseous law is that three-quarters of a company’s stream mobile ad income comes from iPhones and iPads, the New York Times reported this year. That coherence could turn a guilt as Apple keeps pulling Google out of a iOS ecosystem. With some-more absolute hunt built into iOS 9 Spotlight, and a attainment of Safari ad-blockers, Google’s money-making opportunities might shrivel. It’s misleading whether app streaming and deep linking can compensate.

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