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Google updates Maps app for iOS, Android, adds Uber support

Google updates Maps app for iOS, Android, adds Uber support

Google has released a major update to a Maps app for iOS and Android, including formation with a Uber private cab app and an softened internal business hunt that spells bad news for Yelp.

The Chocolate Factory has put a lot of work into regulating Maps offline. You’ve been means to save maps for offline use for a while, though it’s never been a easiest duty to use. The ascent adds a saved maps idol on a screen, and maps can now be saved underneath specific names to make anticipating them easier and can be accessed on mixed devices.

Google’s Street View is also now entirely integrated with a Maps app. If a Google camera car, bike, or backpacker has been to a mark you’re looking at, afterwards there’s a one-click approach to check what your selected plcae looks like.

The turn-by-turn navigation underline has also been updated for drivers so that a Maps app now tells we that line to get into as a turnoff approaches, saving a need to snake all over a turnpike perplexing to make an exit.

To assistance in anticipating a best track to your aim area but your car, a ascent adds easier ways to check depart times on open transport. If we already have a Uber app it will also arrangement how a automobile use compares to other ride options and yield a singular click-though to engagement a car.

The formation with Uber is to be approaching – Google has a estimable investment in a private cab app’s creators and will be penetrating to foster a service. But a ascent is also bad news for internal business hunt app Yelp, as Google softened a opposition listings duty to concede formula to be filters formed on opening times and location.

Perhaps not coincidentally, shares in Yelp fell by over 13 per cent on Tuesday. ®

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