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GM on Chapman: ‘There are some critical issues here that are in play’

GM on Chapman: ‘There are some critical issues here that are in play’

On Monday, a Yankees acquired Aroldis Chapman from a Reds for a four-prospect package that roughly positively would not have been good adequate to land Chapman during a trade deadline. New York done a good ball move.

The Reds lowered a seeking cost for Chapman following an purported domestic assault occurrence that occurred progressing this offseason. In fact, a few weeks ago a Dodgers and Reds had worked out a Chapman trade before news of a occurrence broke. Things afterwards fell apart.

It’s value observant no arrests were done following a incident. The military news says Chapman certified to banishment 8 shots with a handgun in his garage, that is a uncanny thing to do, yet no charges were filed. MLB’s review underneath their new domestic abuse routine is still ongoing.

Following a trade, Yankees GM Brian Cashman pronounced a group is wakeful Chapman comes with “serious issues,” yet radically a understanding was too good to pass up. The Reds “modified” their “price point,” according to Cashman, that means they lowered their seeking price.

“We felt this was an event to supplement a large arm to a bullpen, even yet there are some things that are unresolved,” combined Cashman during a discussion call with reporters following a trade. “And we will honour that routine as it plays out.”

“Certainly there are some critical issues here that are in play,” Cashman said. “I acknowledge that’s an area clearly of regard and we consider it positively is contemplative of some of a merger cost and there’s risk, and we know that.”

There is something kind of icky about a GM acknowledging his group is peaceful to take any intensity PR strike since a trade done sense. Then again, this is zero new. Pro sports teams — it’s not only baseball, it happens in each competition — are peaceful to demeanour a other approach when it comes to authorised problems as prolonged as a actor is good on a field.

MLB’s review could outcome in a suspension, yet a domestic assault routine is new and no fashion has been set. Commissioner Rob Manfred might confirm to dump a produce with a initial cessation and make a statement. We’ll have to wait and see.

In pristine ball terms, a Yankees done a illusory trade that severely improves their team. They gave adult zero of their tip prospects and zero off their MLB register for a many widespread reliever in a diversion today.

At a same time, a domestic assault occurrence is a red dwindle that might prove Chapman has an inability or rejection to respect dignified (and legal) boundaries. By trade for Chapman, a Yankees are observant that’s okay.

Brian Cashman concurred Aroldis Chapman comes with ‘serious issues.’ (USATSI)

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