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Giants vs. Dolphins: New York Grades, Notes and Quotes

Giants vs. Dolphins: New York Grades, Notes and Quotes



It was a large diversion on primary time, so of march Manning had to be superb.

The destiny Hall of Famer valid his purchase gene once again, this time with an implausible stat line. He finished 27-of-31 flitting for 337 yards and 4 touchdowns. 

Manning had played subpar in a Giants’ final dual weeksboth outrageous games with playoff implications. With a win required to stay tied atop a NFC East, however, Manning stepped adult in a large approach and led a Giants to victory.


Running Back

The Giants indeed had a rush for over 20 yards opposite a Dolphins, that is a feat given their struggles as a organisation this season.

It was Rashad Jennings who was a many effective using behind on Monday night, as he rushed for 81 yards and combined 21 some-more in a flitting game.

Still, a section averaged usually 2.9 yards per carry, and a other using backs totaled usually 13 yards, that is usually unacceptable. They face a beast Carolina Panthers invulnerability subsequent week.


Wide Receivers

With his 166 yards on Monday night, Beckham now has over 100 yards in six straight games and over 140 in 3 consecutive. 

The Giants also got good prolongation from their other weapons in Miami, as Rueben Randle had 5 catches and a touchdown, while Dwayne Harris also combined 5 catches.

That’s a form of prolongation a Giants need from their other options given their skip of submit they accept from their RBs.


Tight End

Will Tye, whom we will review some-more about on a subsequent slide, held 5 passes on a night, including his initial career touchdown.

He has valid to be a arguable choice in a flitting diversion and has done Larry Donnell a apart memory. 


Offensive Line

Miami didn’t pouch Manning, and he had a time to fragment a Dolphins defense. He took some hits, including a few late ones that resulted in penalties, yet this beaten-up section did a pursuit on Monday night.

I can no longer error a O-line for not being means to beget a unchanging using game. We’re low adequate into a year to comprehend it’s usually a skip of talent during a using behind position. Did we know a Giants upheld on now-Rams RB Todd Gurley in a draft?


Defensive Line

Jason Pierre-Paul got some pressure, yet he still unsuccessful to record his initial pouch of a season. He also missed a outrageous tackle that authorised Dolphins RB Lamar Miller to scurry into a finish section for a prolonged touchdown.

Robert Ayers had a usually pouch of a diversion for Big Blue. Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora aren’t going to magically seem on this organisation to assistance a Giants make a pull for a playoffs.



Miller usually rushed 12 times, yet he still totaled 89 yards and dual touchdowns. 

I don’t wish to kick a passed equine and write about how terrible a Giants linebackers are, yet they unequivocally authorised Miller to raid on them in his singular touches. They also let a parsimonious ends locate 6 passes, that would have been even some-more if not for some horrific drops.


Defensive Backs

This section gets a C since it was a churned bag from a organisation on Monday night.

On one hand, reserve Landon Collins played a illusory game. He showed usually since a Giants traded adult to obstacle him, as he led a organisation with 8 tackles and forced a fail on a good helmet-to-the-ball hit. 

On a other hand, a Giants authorised a 47-yard touchdown to Kenny Stills and 99 sum yards to Jarvis Landry. It wasn’t a misfortune they had played this season, yet a Dolphins don’t indispensably have an implausible flitting game, either.


Special Teams

All grades start during a neutral symbol of C. Harris didn’t do anything conspicuous in a lapse game, and a punting wasn’t notable, so there’s zero that could rouse that grade.

It’s a D since kicker Josh Brown missed a 48-yard margin goal. It was his second skip of a deteriorate yet also a second in as many weeks. He’ll need to get behind on lane for a Giants.



The Giants didn’t bungle a time late or make any absurd calls or judgments late in a fourth quarter.

Still, we had some questions for a coaches in courtesy to personification time and personnel. 

Why wasn’t Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (the Giants’ best CB) covering Landry (Miami’s No. 1 receiver)? Congratulations, DRC close down a rookie, DeVante Parker. There’s no approach a Giants should have tasked Trevin Wade with covering Landry. 

Also, New York underutilized Shane Vereen on Monday night. In a diversion where a Giants averaged 2.9 yards per carry, Vereen had usually one rush. He also saw usually dual targets in a flitting game.

Vereen can be an effective actor if given a chancehe has valid that year after year.

I can’t be too disastrous with a Giants win, though. 

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