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Gentlemanly Peyton Manning drops F-bomb on opponent

It’s not mostly a quarterback gets a derisive penalty. It’s reduction mostly that quarterback is Peyton Manning.

Manning reached his violation indicate Saturday, cheering a two-word reproach to Texans safety D.J. Swearinger, who willingly simplified Manning’s difference to any quite unhandy lip-readers after a 18-17 Houston win:

According to the Denver Post, Manning’s tainted denunciation was understandable. Swearinger had only knocked Broncos star Wes Welker out of a diversion with a shot to a conduct that resulted in an unnecessary-roughness chastisement and a concussion — generally heavy for a far-reaching receiver, who’s had a story of conduct injuries.

So, casually, Manning darts a 29-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders on a subsequent play, and done a beeline for a Houston defensive back.

The video of a fight is pleasing in a transparency: You can’t see Manning’s face, though only by a intonation of his bouncing helmet, there’s small doubt of the stream of difference withdrawal a superstar’s mouth.

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