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Gear VR tips and tricks: How to get a many out of a headset

Gear VR tips and tricks: How to get a many out of a headset

Samsung Gear VR: Experience where one navigates practical world. (PHOTO: Samsung)

The Gear VR headset from Samsung has fast rocketed to a tip of many holiday present lists. However, users need to know how to use a headset and understanding with any issues that competence mount up. This is easy to do if users have a specific set of tips and tricks to follow and some critical ones are given below.

Get a scold phone

The Gear VR headset usually works with certain Samsung smartphones. Among a concordant models are a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and a bigger phablets, namely a Galaxy Note 5 and a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Use mist to defog lens

Gizmag recommends regulating a mist on a lens to mislay a haze that competence form on it. Products like Clarity Defog can be sprayed on before a Gear VR is used and it will safeguard that no dampness is manifest on a lens during a session.

Download apps before use

With a Gear VR in use, many users are tempted to download apps. However, this can outcome in a heat of a device going adult considerably. To forestall this, users only have to safeguard that they download any apps before chubby a device onto their head.

Invest in a pivot chair

Tomsguide states that users should chair themselves in a chair that can pivot or move, as regulating a VR headset mostly causes people to change their position. In box no such chair is available, users can opt to mount and use a headset.

Get headphones and a wireless controller

Getting a Bluetooth-enabled controller and headphones are essential when regulating a Gear VR headset. First of all, a controller will safeguard that users are means to play games but fiddling with a buttons on a headset. As for a headphones, users should cruise a connected choice as Bluetooth versions emanate bad feedback.

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