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French stick vaulter rips Brazilian fans after silver-medal finish

French stick vaulter rips Brazilian fans after silver-medal finish





USA TODAY Sports’ Rachel Axon tells we 5 things to watch for during Day 11 of a Olympics.

RIO DE JANEIRO — Drawing madness and praise, Brazilian fans took core theatre during a Olympics Monday night.

Brazilian stick vaulter Thiago Silva credited a boisterous throng during Olympic Stadium for assisting propel him to an Olympic record of 6.03 meters (19 feet 8 inches) and to a bullion medal.

But French stick vaulter Renaud Lavillenie, who had to settle for a china medal, chastised a fans for booing him during his final jump.

“It’s a initial time that everybody is opposite me,’’ pronounced Lavillenie, who won a bullion award during a 2012 Olympics and is a universe record holder. “Is not opposite usually me, is opposite all of a stick vaulters solely a Brazilian guy. There is no respect. There is no satisfactory play. It’s a Olympics. So if we have no honour in a Olympics, where can we get respect?

“I’m very, really unhappy and really disappointed.”

Though a track was half empty, a throng came to life as a Brazilian and French vaulters dueled and Silva claimed usually a second bullion award won by a Brazilian during these Olympics. But after a riveting contest, Lavillenie pronounced there were no track-and-field fans in a stadium.

“It was only Brazilian fans and it’s really unimaginable to be in a Olympics and everybody’s opposite we since you’re not from Brazil,’’ he said. “I know that everybody is for Brazil, that is normal … though to uncover no honour to a other athletes is a contrition and I’m really unhappy about that.’’

Silva pronounced he attempted to still a throng when Lavillenie was scheming to burst though pronounced he was not indignant about how a fans behaved.

“The public, a people’s assisting me a lot, ancillary me and pull me forward,’’ he said. “This was critical for me during this time and in my home to get some medal. we don’t know that tone before, though now we know a bullion medal. …

“I know a people from Brazil. They wish a man from Brazil to win. This, for them, they can't control their emotions, we know?’’

Brazilians fans also have booed  American boxers and American competitor Justin Gatlin and they have jeered U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo and a U.S. women’s beach volleyball teams. They also booed Russian swimmers progressing in a Games, and that stirred Rio 2016 orator Mario Andrada to residence fan behavior.

“Booing is kind of partial of a football culture, that is that all is really unilateral, my group or a group opposite me,’’ he said. “Again, it’s partial of a preparation that we need to have to assistance Brazilians to understand. …

“But we’d rather have some passion than nothing and we consider it’s a routine of learning, it’s a training curve, and they will be removing improved and improved as a days pierce on.”


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