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For South Florida Cubans, examination Jose Fernandez representation felt like freedom

For South Florida Cubans, examination Jose Fernandez representation felt like freedom

Fernandez done us care. Damn it, this romantic investment. Why? Damn it. Why? Fernandez took us with him for a romantic ride. And it was such a fun party. A carnival. Watching him work was a pleasure, his fun birthing a joy, foul and expanding and common — hell, yes, augmenting fun — so Sunday anguish felt like a fear of examination a march track finish in a mutilate and a funeral. So sudden. So fast. Too fast. Why? Damn it. Why?

An odd fun has been extinguished. Fernandez had found leisure on one boat, and now his life had finished on another. There will be worried questions about that in a entrance days and an investigation, yet nobody wants to hear about that during a grief of a eulogy. This feels so cruel, so wrong, so unfair. It is a misfortune kind of awful, immature life extinguished with thudding finality before it can unequivocally be lived, yet it is somehow done harder since it was this life.

I’m not articulate about his guarantee or his pitching potential, even yet he was on his approach to a $200 million contract, and a detriment of his ball value is crippling to a franchise. I’m articulate about his personality, his energy, his soul. Fernandez had so most fun and unrestrained and thankfulness and passion pouring from him — for being in this country, for removing to do what he loved, for squeezing each unit of fun out of a day — that it could pierce even a restricted and a sour. His grin and giggle customarily thawed stoic statues like Giancarlo Stanton. Jesus, even attack manager Barry Bonds was always kissing him in a damn dugout.

In a story of South Florida sports, usually Dontrelle Willis has matched his foul unrestrained and charisma. And we contend matched it since we know of no tellurian approach for his fun during work to be topped. He desired what he did, desired it so tough and so big, desired it so most that he forced we to adore it too. Fernandez played a approach a best Latin song feels. He acted like a small child in a sports universe dripping with adult problems and cynicism that can make us remove steer of a base noun during a core of what he did for a living. To play. You approaching him to chuck his glove into a sky during a finish of successful innings. And we know what examination him work felt like to South Florida’s Cubans? Freedom.

All around that ballpark, in a bodegas and restaurants where people don’t pronounce English, we will find a cut of his story. So most of Miami’s economy and vibrancy and enlightenment and season is built atop it. He attempted to forsake from Cuba 4 times, once saving his drowning mom during an attempted escape, a recklessness on that rotting island such that he kept literally throwing his life to a breeze to shun it. He was jailed after being held once yet pronounced a initial few months of leisure in this nation were harder on him than even a bonds in that one. Such can be a problem of a transition for immigrants, exiles and dream-chasers.

He didn’t know how a faucet sensors worked in America’s airfield bathrooms. He knew so small English that he didn’t even know where to put his name on a high propagandize test. He so missed a grandmother who lifted him, a grandmother who would after go to a roof of her unit in Cuba to hear him representation in a All-Star diversion on her tinny radio, that he would ramble off into a woods to cry for hours during a time. But his golden arm reached opposite that sea and got abuela here in an romantic reunion dual years ago. He was only commencement to share and live a best tools of his satisfied American dream. He had his initial baby on a way. He worked so tough and sacrificed so most to get to a tip of this mountain, and he hardly had time to suffer a view.

Thank you, Jose.

For pity your joyous time with us.

For revelation your story and a story with so most tone and flair.

For creation us caring in a approach that can be tough to see currently by a tears.

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