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Flip Saunders Memorialized In Timberwolves New Practice Shirts

Flip Saunders Memorialized In Timberwolves New Practice Shirts

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three days after losing their personality to cancer, a Minnesota Timberwolves are creation certain everybody knows that Flip Saunders is still with them.

The Timberwolves denounced a new sharpened shirt for pregame warmups in their deteriorate opener opposite a Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night. The gray shirts have “WE” created in big, retard letters, with “FLIP” created over a heart.

The “We over Me” judgment is something Wolves GM Milt Newton and Saunders discussed this summer and designed to teach as a mantra streamer into a season. It was all about pushing home to a immature and susceptible core a significance of valuing group feat over particular statistics.

(credit: Minnesota Timberwolves)

The NBA postulated a Wolves accede to wear a shirts for a initial month of a deteriorate while they weep Saunders, who died on Sunday during age 60.

“It’s one approach to uncover reverence to him,” Newton pronounced in a write talk from Los Angeles.

The Lakers, who started in Minneapolis before relocating to Los Angeles in 1960, done a grand gesticulate of their own, donning gray warmup shirt with “FLIP” in bullion and a aged Minneapolis Lakers logo.

Newton initial became informed with a “We over Me” judgment as a actor during Kansas. Jayhawks partner Jerry Green had a timber figure that could possibly review “WE” or be incited upside down to review “ME.” Green would change a arrangement depending on a turn of unselfishness exhibited by a Jayhawks in a prior game.

It resonated with Newton, who has a identical figure in his Timberwolves bureau and one during his home as well.

“When him and we talked, we always talked about removing us some ‘we’ players,” Newton pronounced of his conversations with Saunders, who was a team’s boss of basketball operations, manager and a minority owner. “There were times final year he came into my bureau and beheld it was incited to ‘ME.’ He said, ‘Yeah we got that right.’

“Then there were times he came in a room, and we would have it incited to ‘WE.’ And he said, ‘Yeah we played good final night. We common a ball.’”

Saunders designed to have shirts done adult for a group and staff sporting a aphorism and environment a tinge for youngsters like Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine and Shabazz Muhammad.

And it was his prophesy to have Kevin Garnett, Andre Miller and Tayshaun Prince on a register to underscore a lessons given by a coaches.

“I consider it’s unequivocally starting to drip down,” Newton said. “Sometimes players unequivocally don’t know that group concept. In high school, they’re a guy. Sometimes it’s not reiterated. For a many partial we’ve got a garland of guys that are ‘we’ guys instead of being ‘me’ guys.”

Just a approach Flip wanted it.

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