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Fireproofing Your Business

Fireproofing Your Business

I recently watched a movie titled ” Fireproof your marriage”, after viewing the movie, I remember feeling how this could easily apply to your business. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the similarities that exist and some apply and some don’t. I think what the movie did was to stimulate my thought process and make me examine my business from a whole new prospective.

You hear about all the business’s crumbling and closing down and your first thought is how terrible it is. When you take time to consider the facts, you realize that no business crumbles in a day. It’s more of a slow fade that takes place over an extended period of time. Now I’m speaking in general, there are always exceptions to every rule. For instance if a military base closed in your town, or a major business, it could cause a number of business’s to close. For the rest of the businesses, there are more concrete reasons to be examined.

As business owners, we are exposed to a number of privileges, with privileges comes accountability. It is easy to get carried away with taking liberties and privileges when your business is booming. Unfortunately, we tend to overlook the parasites that lodge themselves into the heart of our business while we’re playing and living the good life. These parasites are greed, obsession and power. Sometimes it’s never enough, we make a hundred thousand dollars and think, ” I could make two hundred thousand”, and our focus is constantly on more. It’s natural to want to grow your business; you just don’t want to grow it at the expense of your staff and life. As business owners, we obsess over our competition; we’re always checking on them, trying to one up them. Lastly, power, we’ve all spent time reading our own press and believing it. It’s not intentional; it happens over a period of time, it tends to erode our thought process. We forget about our team, our staff, we feel as if it’s all about us. This is a very dangerous path to forge; it’s the path to the slow fade.

I think the key to every business is the heart, without heart and soul; a business is nothing but a shell. You as the owner represent the heart of your business, as you go, so goes the business. You have the ability to guide your business in any direction you choose. It’s not easy holding yourself accountable to a higher standard than everyone else. Leading is hard work and requires discipline and dedication. All eyes are on you; being off your game is not an option. Every day presents a new opportunity to shine and grow your business. You provide the foundation that your business is built on.

There are two paths we can choose from, one is wisdom and the other is consequence. Wisdom is a huge front-end investment in time, obedience and consistency, while consequence has a huge back end, consisting of pain, lack of discipline and regret. Devoting the time to properly train your staff, where you work together as a team, sharing a common goal. Where your staff works with you and not for you, contributing to the shared goal of being the best. Many people run the race, only one wins. It takes discipline and integrity to compete and win. Anyone can win the race once, maintaining a winning level is an attitude in discipline. Holding onto the title is a feat not often achieved by most. It takes strong leadership, and a strong will. How does your team stack up in the race? Do you have the staff in place capable of maintaining a standard of excellence? It all starts with you, and your commitment to excellence.

Fireproof your business and enjoy a long and prosperous run.

Richard Varano,
Restaurant Masterminds LLC,

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