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Financial consultant travels for a cause

Financial consultant travels for a cause

A Fort Collins financial consultant is roving for a means this spring, and he wants we to join him.

Paul Caylor, of Thrivent Financial, is going on his third general Thrivent Builds plan with Habitat for Humanity Apr 11-19. The outing to Costa Rica is partial of aThrivent bid to build 44 homes in a Latin American nation this year.

Thrivent Financial is a Christian classification that encourages inexhaustible vital among a member. The classification has partnered with Habitat for Humanity internationally and domestically given 2005.

Though Thrivent and Habitat are both Christian organizations, Caylor pronounced there are no faith mandate for a outing to Costa Rica.

“We do have devotions in a organisation meetings and there will be prayer,” he said. “You’ll be with a organisation of mostly Christians, some who are unequivocally hardcore in their faith and some who are not. We all come together.”

Caylor has helped build 5 of Thrivent’s 6 Habitat for Humanity homes in Fort Collins. He began holding his use internationally with a Thrivent Builds outing to Costa Rica in Mar 2013 and another outing to Paraguay in Oct 2013.

While he loves assisting a internal Habitat for Humanity community, in that Thrivent has done a $1 million impact given 2006, Caylor pronounced general use has broadened his horizons. He hopes volunteers who join him this open will have a same “life changing experience.”

“As many thousands of miles divided we are, we’re all a same,” he said. “We have a same hopes and dreams. We wish food, we wish shelter, we wish a family that we adore and we wish health. In Costa Rica, they wish that. In Paraguay, they wish that. In a U.S., we wish that.”

The outing is not a vacation, he added, yet volunteers will revisit a inhabitant forest. Volunteers will build until mid-afternoon any day and spend a residue of their time training about Costa Rica’s enlightenment and people.

“You work hard, though it’s fun,” he said. “Me being a white collar worker, we go down there and build and muscles harm that we didn’t even know we had.

Caylor is seeking a organisation of during slightest 8-12 participants to register by Feb 9 and compensate for a outing by Feb 24. Travel losses are $940 for Thrivent Benefit members and $1,290 for non-members — $700 reduction than a customary Habitat Global Village Program build program.

If some-more than 12 participants pointer up, Caylor pronounced a organisation will mangle into dual teams to boost impact. Volunteers will assistance work on Thrivent’s retard of 44 houses and typically finish a few tasks in a a small some-more than a week of work.

Volunteers will learn their specific tasks a week before to a trip, tentative a swell of other build teams. Similar to a Habitat routine locally, volunteers in Costa Rica work alongside Habitat homeowners, that Caylor pronounced can be “eye-opening.”

“Seeing some of a housing situations where they came from, it’s unbelievable,” he said. “Dirt floors, steel walls, no toilets or showers. You come behind from a outing going, ‘Wow. we have a lot. we unequivocally don’t need all that.’”

Sarah Jane Kyle is a Coloradoan contributor covering volunteerism, nonprofits and philanthropy. Follow her on Twitter @sarahjanekyle or on Facebook during

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