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FBI charge force joins military review of blank tyro Shane Montgomery

FBI charge force joins military review of blank tyro Shane Montgomery

The same FBI charge force that helped find and rescue Philadelphia kidnap plant Carlesha Freeland-Gaither has assimilated a hunt for blank college tyro Shane Montgomery.

As agents began re-interviewing witnesses in a Manayunk area on Sunday, a military sea section finished a inch-by-inch hunt in a wintry Manayunk Canal, unwell to spin adult any justification of Montgomery. The sea section might subsequent start acid a circuitously Schuylkill River.

A military source with minute trust of a review pronounced a FBI was doubt a bar staff during Kildare’s Irish Pub, where a 21-year-old West Chester University tyro was final seen after midnight in a early hours of Thanksgiving Day, after merrymaking with friends.

Kildare’s, during 4417 Main St., is within feet of a ghastly waterway and a Schuylkill River.

A bar bouncer told Montgomery to leave after he incidentally tripped into a DJ booth, military said. But a bouncer and Montgomery’s cousins have told investigators that Montgomery was “not falling-down drunk.”

“The bouncer says he spoke to him and Shane apologized and left,” a questioner said. “There is no denote that he was staggering.”

He went out into frozen temperatures, wearing blue jeans, a button-down shirt and usually a hooded sweatshirt for warmth. Karen Montgomery, his mother, pronounced tearfully that he had left his comfortable coupler during home that night. Until Sunday, temperatures in a segment have stayed around frozen or next given Wednesday’s snowfall.

Tired and concerned volunteers, friends and kin waited Sunday in a groundwork of St. John a Baptist Church as a waterway hunt slogged on. Since Montgomery was reported blank on Thanksgiving Day, scarcely 500 volunteers lonesome 475 acres in an downright feet search.

Karen Montgomery pronounced during midafternoon that she would disperse a feet hunt effort. Many of a volunteers were college students who indispensable to lapse to their classes on Monday, she explained.

The FBI charge force is a same one that helped find Freeland-Gaither within 72 hours of her abduction final month. The nurse’s partner was grabbed by a male after identified as Delvin Barnes, 37, who has been charged in a case.

In a Montgomery disappearance, sovereign agents began re-interviewing probable witnesses, including a bar staff during Kildare’s, and looked for video that might have prisoner images of Montgomery as he left a bar.

Investigators pronounced there is no video from a bar that night and no other video that clearly identifies him.

At first, investigators believed a grainy video retrieved from a circuitously notice camera showed some form of earthy rumpus outward Kildare’s around a time Montgomery was thrown out. But an research showed that video merely prisoner swarming sidewalks of bar revelers logging about, perplexing to accost cabs, investigators said.

“It’s zero we’re going to call an altercation,” a questioner said. “There is no video that we can clearly contend ‘that’s Shane and that’s a instruction he’s heading,’ so it’s really frustrating.

“He leaves a bar and disappears into skinny air,” a questioner said.

Investigators pronounced a FBI might discharge polygraph exams to some of a Kildare’s staff and other witnesses who final saw Montgomery. The bar staff has been really cooperative, he said.

“It’s not that we don’t trust them – we have no feeling a bouncers or anyone is lying, though we wish to cover all a bases, so we don’t skip anything,” a questioner said.

Detectives from each multiplication via a city ha ve volunteered in shifts to assistance with a hunt and control follow-up interviews. A temporary authority core has been set adult during a glow hire on Main Street.

Investigators have searched Montgomery’s home bedroom in Roxborough and dormitory room during West Chester University. They’ve scoured a bar for evidence, interviewed cab companies with vehicles in a area Wednesday night, searched morgues and hospitals. Officers have concurrent early on with military in circuitously Lower Merion to see if they had encountered Montgomery.

Aviation units were brought in to hunt parks, rooftops and circuitously sight marks and K-9 dogs have scanned a waterway and stream banks.

When family members identified Shurs Lane as a track Montgomery might have used to travel home, kin and volunteers combed a path, acid alleyways, dumpsters, cars and circuitously wooded areas.

“We will keep plugging divided ’til something gives,” a questioner said. “We’re not going to give adult until we find something.”

The military sea units went into a cold waterway waters early Sunday, regulating prolonged poles to brush a bottom for Montgomery. Just before 2 p.m., investigators pronounced a hunt was futile.

The 7 searchers, in splendid orange waterproof waders, changed solemnly in a line along a canal, that skirts a Schuylkill River. The perfected scrutiny slogged by ghastly brownish-red waters infrequently chest-deep, infrequently knee-deep.

The gloomy work changed methodically nearby Kildare’s and beyond.

Montgomery’s parents, Kevin and Karen Montgomery, watched from a waterway bank.

“It’s extraordinary what these group are doing,” pronounced a mother. “They are operative so tough and we are so grateful.”

She pronounced she and her father have racked their smarts for any probable reason for their son’s disappearance. His final money bank withdrawal was done before he left a bar that night, she said.

The final content summary Montgomery sent from his cellphone was during 1:15 a.m., his mom said, to his cousin after they were distant in a swarming bar. His final phone call was during 1:28 a.m., when he called another crony only before withdrawal a bar.

The final cellphone ping, during 2:38 a.m. Thursday, put Montgomery within a 4,500-foot radius of a CVS pharmacy, that could widen all a approach adult Henry Avenue, investigators said.

As military worked in silence, parishioners arrived for Mass during St. John a Baptist Church on Rector Street, where searchers have been formed for a final 3 days. Searchers fabricated in a church basement, watchful until a sea hunt was finished before determining either to set out again.

At midday, a few dozen kin and friends sat together in a church groundwork during folding tables, talking, celebration coffee and watchful for any news. The H2O hunt could take until 3 p.m., military said.

Marianne Whittman , Montgomery’s aunt, pronounced a family was holding off on acid again by feet until after military finished scouring a canal.

“We are watchful for word on either they find a Shane,” she said.

Whittman and Montgomery’s kin again asked members of a open to come brazen if they saw Montgomery a night he disappeared, observant that he was final speckled on a bustling travel on one of a biggest bar nights of a year.

“I trust someone saw something that could be significant, even if they don’t know either it’s significant,” Whittman said.

The family has offering a $10,000 prerogative for information about his disappearance.

The Manayunk Canal, that non-stop in 1818 for navigation along a Schuylkill River to and from Philadelphia, was also used to energy Manayunk’s weave and paper mills.

On Saturday night, hundreds of volunteers – firm by faith and a flourishing clarity of coercion – huddled in a cold during an romantic request burial opposite a travel from Kildare’s.

A special Mass followed during St. John a Baptist.

Nearly 500 people – friends, family, associate students, and area residents – had scoured a streets and a Schuylkill riverbank in near-freezing conditions over dual days.

Participants pronounced a hunt celebration was among a largest ever fabricated and managed by Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue.

Manayunk’s Christmas tree lighting and caroling festivities were deferred Saturday. Instead, weeping supporters and searchers illuminated candles in a park opposite from Kildare’s during 4417 Main St.

Montgomery has been blank given about 1:45 a.m. Thursday, when military pronounced he was escorted out of Kildare’s, where he and friends had collected as a Thanksgiving holiday began. The bar is opposite a travel from a Manayunk Canal.

As a hunt began in aspiring Friday, family and friends assimilated military in posting fliers and messages on amicable media. Montgomery, a connoisseur of Roman Catholic High School, is described as white, 5 feet, 11 inches tall, about 130 pounds, with brief brownish-red hair and immature eyes, with a tattoo of a Celtic cranky on one shoulder blade.

He was final seen wearing a gray button-down shirt, blue jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt, and black sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Patrick Valentino during 215-686-3353 or 3354.

Photos of Montgomery and his tattoo can be noticed during


Inquirer staff author Jonathan Lai contributed to this article.

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