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Father of California mass torpedo never knew ‘the monster’ in son

Father of California mass torpedo never knew ‘the monster’ in son

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The father of a 22-year-old male who killed 6 college students and himself nearby Santa Barbara, California, says he had prolonged famous his son was deeply uneasy though satisfied too late “the monster” sneaking within him.

Peter Rodger, an partner executive on a film “Hunger Games,” told ABC’s Barbara Walters in an talk televised on Friday that he primarily suspicion his son, Elliot, was one of a victims, rather than a killer, in a May 23 massacre.

Rodger recounted initial training something terrible was stirring while dining with friends that night about 100 miles (161 km) divided in Los Angeles and receiving an email from his son with a lengthy, ominous declaration patrician “My Twisted World”.

Moments later, Rodger perceived a phone call from his ex-wife, Elliot’s mom Li Chin, who had gotten a same email and afterwards googled their son’s name to find a chilling video he had posted on YouTube called “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution.”

At that point, a father recalled, “A unequivocally dim force of terrible appetite strike me.” He fast embarked on a unfortunate highway trip, anticipating to strech his son in time.

“We were only pushing adult there in comprehensive fear for him and confusion,” Peter Rodger said.

Elliot Rodger had by afterwards already begun his murdering spree, stabbing 3 people to death, including his dual roommates, during their beachside unit in a city of Isla Vista.

As Peter Rodger neared his son’s home, internal news media had begun stating that a gunman was on a loose. In a end, 3 some-more college students were shot to genocide and 13 other people were bleeding before Elliot committed suicide.

Peter Rodger pronounced he was ravaged by news that his son was among a passed though did not learn he was suspected of being a torpedo until saying it reported hours after on a Internet.

Rodger insisted he never illusory his son able of violence, notwithstanding ongoing amicable problems Elliott had suffered among his peers given boyhood and years he had spent in therapy.

He was wakeful that his son was spooky with carrying never had sex, and once suggested holding him to Las Vegas to remove his virginity, an thought his son rejected.

Rodger removed rebuking his son years after when he found out he had been dabbling in websites clinging to misogynist ideology, though even afterwards did not conclude a turn of loathing his son harbored toward women.

Rodger pronounced his son was “incredibly shining during hiding” his middle demons and voiced distress for a pain that has caused a victims’ families.

“I wish that these families didn’t have to go by this terrible ordeal,” Rodger said. “It’s really tough for them to know that we didn’t know a beast that was in my son.”

(Additional stating by Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Barbara Goldberg and Tom Heneghan)

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