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Facebook to showcase Apple’s charcterised Live Photos

Facebook to showcase Apple’s charcterised Live Photos

NEW YORK — The latest iPhones come with a ability to spin still images into brief videos – usually like sorcery – yet pity options had been singular to other Apple apps.

That’s changing as Facebook, one of a heading forums for print sharing, adds Apple’s Live Photos feature to Facebook’s iPhone and iPad app. Facebook started charity it Monday to a singular series of users initially, with a broader rollout designed in a entrance weeks. Facebook’s support follows a identical pierce by Yahoo’s Tumblr service.

With Live Photos on a iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, each still shot is accompanied by a three-second video, with sound. For instance, we can snap a shot of your child floating out birthday candles – and get video display a fire going out as everybody sings “Happy Birthday.”

The phone automatically annals video in a credentials when a camera app is open. The recording is immediately rejected if we do nothing. When we snap a shot, a phone saves a second and a half of video heading to that shot and continues recording until we get 3 seconds in all.

Why not usually take video? You competence not know forward of time when you’ll confront a stage lending itself to video. With Live Photos, we always get a video choice – unless we spin a underline off.

But pity had been singular to certain Apple apps – such as a texting app Messages, yet not Mail.

With collection Apple is creation accessible to third parties, pity can now be finished by Facebook and Tumblr, too. Your crony merely needs to daub and reason a print to watch a picture animate. The iPhone 6s models are compulsory for formulating Live Photos, yet observation can also be finished on comparison iPhones and iPads with a latest handling system. On Android and Web browsers, we get usually a still images.

Besides Facebook and Tumblr, Getty Images is also charity a preference of Live Photos by the app. It’s a curated selection, though, rather than a resource for pity photos with friends.

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