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Facebook Messenger app can now directly ask your Uber or Lyft rides

Facebook Messenger app can now directly ask your Uber or Lyft rides

What improved proceed to tell your friends you’re on your proceed than by requesting an Uber float mid-Facebook chat?

On Wednesday, Facebook Messenger got an refurbish to concede U.S. users to seamlessly request an Uber float directly from a mobile app. Messenger’s new “Transportation” underline usually surfaces Uber rides right now, though ride-sharing opposition Lyft will join in January. Requesting a float around Messenger alerts everybody in your Facebook discuss that we have, in fact, requested a ride.

To ask an Uber float in Messenger, simply daub on a automobile idol next a content margin or find Transportation in a “more” (…) menu. You’ll have to emanate an Uber comment or bond an existent one before we are means to ask a ride. If this is your initial time regulating Uber around Messenger, we will get your initial float for giveaway (up to $20), according to a summary we perceived from Uber once we connected a account. It looks like we can discuss directly with Uber reps around Messenger, that is incredible, deliberation Uber support is notoriously formidable to reach.

This is a another critical step for Facebook Messenger as it looks to enhance over elementary messaging. Earlier this year, a app got a Venmo-like underline for users to be means to send money and separate payments. And according to Facebook product manager Seth Rosenberg, Facebook is looking to move some-more capabilities to a Messenger app, like engagement flights and unison tickets.

Why this matters: Facebook Messenger seems to be following a footsteps of Asian messaging apps like WeChat, Line, and KakaoTalk, that confederate a garland of services—from games to e-commerce—to turn a critical partial of bland life for mobile users. It stays capricious either this proceed will work in a U.S., as designated apps seem to offer larger ease-of-use than magisterial one-stop shops. That’s a reason Facebook spun off a Messenger use into a possess app to start with, given a flagship Facebook app was removing too bloated. 

Earlier this month, Uber expelled a open API refurbish for iOS and Android developers to add an official “Uber Ride Request Button” to their apps. This ask symbol can lift residence information from a third-party app, so Uber will automatically know where we intend to go once we daub it. However, developers who implement this formula are not authorised to offer a competing ride-sharing service. Obviously, Facebook is a large adequate actor to be an difference to this policy, given Messenger will have Uber and Lyft corresponding starting in 2016.

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