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Every non-iPhone thing Apple competence betray tomorrow

Every non-iPhone thing Apple competence betray tomorrow

The iPhone 7 is being strictly announced tomorrow, though we already know fundamentally all there is to know. But it’s singular that Apple’s events are a one-trick pony, so what else competence Tim Cook and Co have in stock?

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Apple Watch 2

One of a biggest unknowns is if we’ll hear anything about new Apple Watch hardware tomorrow. A few leaks have shown off improvements like a better battery, a thinner display, and during some indicate Apple was meditative about putting an LTE radio in there.

An Apple Watch proclamation this year would line adult easily with a strange Watch announcement, that came alongside a iPhone 6 launch in 2014. The Watch itself wasn’t expelled until Apr a following year, to concede for prolongation to ramp up. That would make clarity — we haven’t seen as many Apple Watch leaks as you’d pattern if a new Watch was entrance to stores in a few weeks.

I’d pattern any new Apple Watch to be some-more of a extrinsic alleviation and spec strike than finish overhaul. Apple put a vast volume of work (and selling money) into articulate adult a pattern of a strange Apple Watch, and aesthetically, there’s small to change. At a really least, a new Apple Watch would expected be concordant with existent Apple Watch straps, differently there will be some really angry business with really costly accessories.

Macbook Pro Refresh

Another Apple product that’s prolonged overdue for a modernise is a Macbook Pro. While a Retina Macbook has done a Macbook Air substantially redundant, a Pro is still Apple’s usually laptop for doing critical work on a go. But a physique is a small thick, battery life usually so-so, and a miss of dissimilar graphics in a 13-inch indication means it’s not an choice for photographers or programmers, accurately a kind of core demographic that Apple spent so prolonged courtship final decade.

Rumors strongly advise that we’re removing a new Pro this fall, so there’s a decent possibility it will be alongside a iPhone 7 during Wednesday’s event. The usually fact that has been consistently leaked is a existence of an OLED touchscreen using along a tip of a keyboard, that would reinstate a Fn keys. The Command Bar would change depending on what app we have open, giving keys for copy/paste while in a document, or switching to specific commands when we open Photoshop.

Other expected changes embody a further of a Touch ID sensor, adding during slightest one USB-C port, and creation a physique a small thinner. If Apple does conduct to uncover off a lightened Macbook Pro, it’s substantially a finish of a highway for a Macbook Air, that will be trapped in limbo between that and a Retina Macbook.

New Thunderbolt Display

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is aged adequate to be sketch a pension, and positively aged adequate for an update. One of my favourite Apple rumors that has never come loyal is an updated Thunderbolt arrangement with a dissimilar graphics label inside. I consider we can snippet a start of this thought behind to a 2013 Slashgear post from Chris Davies, that envisaged a new Thunderbolt arrangement with some kind of GPU tucked inside.

Since then, a thought has gotten even better, and a time is ripe. The 12-inch Macbook is a pleasing computer, though woefully underpowered for any kind of graphics-intensive application. It would be illusory to block your little laptop into a 27-inch 5K arrangement when we wish to do some table work, though there’s no approach a onboard Core M graphics would hoop that.

But suppose if your 5K arrangement had a dissimilar GPU inside. The time is ideal for this: Nvidia’s new graphics cards are (relatively) cheap, and fit adequate that they can fit inside a display though wanting some special cooling complement or vast energy supply.

The connectors are also all there. USB-C (which, remember, Apple should supplement to a Pro!) can happily hoop an outmost GPU, so you’d usually need to block into a special Thunderbolt hire with one cable.

There’s changed few rumors indicating to this indeed apropos reality, though some kind of updated Thunderbolt arrangement is substantially in a works. Apple dropped a aged arrangement behind in June, so pattern to see a new one possibly tomorrow or in October.

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