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Essential Politics: Trump’s snowstorm rages onward

Essential Politics: Trump’s snowstorm rages onward

“We know there are some things we do not know,” former invulnerability secretary Donald Rumsfeld once famously said. “But there are also different unknowns, a ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

That certain sounds like a feeling we get perplexing to theory what’s subsequent in this latest flashpoint over difference oral by Donald Trump.

Good morning from a a state capital. I’m Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers, and ready yourself for another day of heated back-and-forth about Trump’s critique of a depressed soldier’s parents, a Muslim American integrate that took him to charge during a Democratic National Convention.


The Republican hopeful was roundly criticized on Monday for his weekend comments about Khizr and Ghazala Khan, a relatives of a late U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, killed in Iraq in 2004.

Arizona Sen. John McCain pronounced that Trump’s comments “do not paint a views of a Republican Party,” an extraordinary matter from a 2008 hopeful about a 2016 standard-bearer. Even so, McCain stopped brief of indeed withdrawing his support.

Then, it was a leader of a Veterans of Foreign Wars who admonished Trump for his critique of a Gold Star parents, job a comments “out of bounds.”

President Obama assimilated in, too, during a debate in Atlanta. “No one — no one has given some-more for a leisure and confidence than a Gold Star families,” pronounced Obama.

Trump attempted to shake off a debate on a debate route in Ohio on Monday. But as Cathleen Decker writes, a genuine risk for Trump may be a timing of all of this controversy — reduction than 100 days from a choosing and in a duration where electorate competence be now delicately tuning in.


The open argument with a Khan family is distant from a usually presidential debate news as a post-convention duration begins.

On Monday, billionaire Warren Buffett permitted Hillary Clinton and did what usually a billionaire could do: He betrothed to divulge his possess taxation earnings if Trump, who has refused to do so, did a same.

He even offered to yield a trolley to ride electorate to a polls in his hometown of Omaha, Neb., on choosing day.

“I’m going to be on it all day,” Buffett pronounced of a trolley. “I’m going to do selfies, whatever it takes. Let’s give America a civics lesson! How about it?”


Is a dustup moving revolutionary Trump supporters? Not Peggy Hayes of swing-state Virginia. Noah Bierman, who profiled Hayes a few months ago as partial of a “Trump Nation” series, checked in with her. The personal aptness instructor remains “in a Trump train,” she tells him.

And check out what one Trump believer said to an NBC News reporter: “I told a L.A. Times, if he murdered a right person, we still competence opinion for him.”


The Koch brothers — a nation’s best famous and many argumentative eccentric domestic actors — had an evident summary to donors during their biannual shelter this weekend: We’re staying out of a presidential race.

Melanie Mason was on a scene during a swanky Colorado Springs resort, where conservative-leaning attendees mingled with inaugurated officials like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

But Charles Koch strongly pushed behind on a notice not subsidy Trump was a de facto publicity of Clinton; in fact, he called such a idea “blood libel.”

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More than dual decades ago, tellurian trafficking was a crime but a name. Now as prosecutors, law coercion officials and advocates have brought a problem to a domestic forefront, California lawmakers are attempting to tackle a multibillion-dollar attention that sweeps hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers into a trade national each year.

But as Jazmine Ulloa reports, there’s no concurrent proceed in a dual dozen or so legislative proposals that sojourn tentative in Sacramento. And in some cases, they array advocates opposite law enforcement.


We’ve got an early demeanour during a income being lifted and spent on this fall’s 17 statewide list propositions, interjection to filings submitted on Monday.

While Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s gun assault initiative, Proposition 63, is significantly outpacing a opponents in debate cash, a biggest transport so distant appears to be a bid to better a medication drug pricing initiative, Proposition 61 — almost $66 million, mostly from drug companies.

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