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Elon Musk: ‘We are summoning a demon’ with synthetic intelligence

Elon Musk: ‘We are summoning a demon’ with synthetic intelligence

Musk says this man could be a slightest of a fears.
Video screenshot of “Far Cry 3” by CNET Australia

Elon Musk, a arch disciple of cars intelligent adequate to park and drive themselves, continues to expand his scary debate when it comes to a subsequent turn of mathematics — a antagonistic intensity of synthetic comprehension continues to weird him out.

“With synthetic intelligence, we are summoning a demon,” Musk pronounced final week during a MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department’s 2014 Centennial Symposium. “You know all those stories where there’s a man with a pentagram and a holy H2O and he’s like… yeah, he’s certain he can control a demon, [but] it doesn’t work out.”

This has apropos a repeated thesis in Musk’s open comments, and any time he warns of a AI bogeyman it seems even some-more dire.

In June, Musk lifted a ghost of a “Terminator” franchise, observant that he invests in companies operative on synthetic comprehension only to be means to keep an eye on a technology. In August, he reiterated his concerns in a tweet, essay that AI is “potentially some-more dangerous than nukes.” Just a few weeks ago, Musk half-joked on a opposite theatre that a destiny AI complement tasked with eliminating spam competence confirm that a best approach to accomplish this charge is to discharge humans.

But this is a initial time I’m wakeful of that Musk has kicked a tongue adult another nick — maybe expecting this week’s assault of Halloween costumes — to review AI to something abnormal like demons.

How to understanding with a wicked army of AI in a future? In a bizarre pierce for a tech mogul, Musk suggests it competence be a good thought to quarrel one bogeyman with another (depending on your domestic perspective) in a form of supervision regulators.

“If we were to theory during what a biggest existential hazard is, it’s substantially that,” he said, referring to synthetic intelligence. “I’m increasingly prone to thing there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe during a inhabitant and general turn only to make certain that we don’t do something really foolish.”

Indeed. Who knows what wicked hellscape could emerge if we ever let artificially intelligent machines get ahold of a Ouija board. Watch Musk’s comments for yourself in a video below.

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