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Ebola: What is a purpose of Africa?

Ebola: What is a purpose of Africa?

For Africa, this is good news. At slightest there is swell in containing and eventually expelling a disease. According to health officials, a 2014 conflict is a misfortune in a story of a lethal illness given a find in 1976. As such, a stream quarrel opposite a illness has been an ascending battle.

The sum pronounce for themselves. This was a charitable catastrophe. To date 3,686 deaths have been reported in Liberia, 3,199 in Sierra Leon, 1,910 in Guinea and around 8 in Nigeria. The sum series of reported cases stands during 21,797 according to WHO.

Now that a pestilence is contained, it is critical for Africa to introspect and ask itself tough questions about a impasse in a quarrel opposite a disease. For example, what did other African countries do to assistance a conditions in West Africa? This is a large doubt that Africa needs to address.

Since a conflict of a disease, western countries and NGOs have been in a thick of things. The United States as common was heading a pack. A few months after a outbreak, a US supervision deployed over 4,000 troops crew to a influenced countries in West Africa.

At a tallness of a disease, US President Barrack Obama requested $6.2 million from Congress to quarrel Ebola. Other countries like Great Britain, France, Australia, China are now concerned in a quarrel opposite Ebola in a large way.  The impasse of curative companies and health organisations’ in a quarrel opposite Ebola is good documented.

The doubt is, besides creation certain that they quell a widespread of a illness into their countries, what have African nations finished to support those influenced by Ebola? Not so much. It is distinct that Africa is not a abounding continent. Most African countries still rest heavily on unfamiliar aid. Despite this it is not all doom and dejection in Africa.

There are countries that have finished good economically. The continent is dirty with a supposed ‘Africa’s success stories’. It is ashamed that in a face of this pandemic, some of these countries inaugurated to turn small spectators in a quarrel opposite a disease.

When WHO, Medecins Sans Frontieres and Centre for Disease Control screamed for assistance in a form of doctors and nurses, these African countries looked a other way. When a African Union appealed for a member states to send health caring workers to influenced countries, really few responded. We determine with those that advise that Africa should be during a forefront in elucidate a problems. Africa can't means to rest on Western countries for roughly everything. Africa contingency mount adult for itself.

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