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Eagles Film Review: Carson Wentz’s invention pays off big

Eagles Film Review: Carson Wentz’s invention pays off big

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Carson Wentz takes honour in not vouchsafing plays die easily. 

In Sunday’s 34-3 win over a Steelers, one play he didn’t let die finished adult being a back-breaker in a blowout. 

We’re, of course, articulate about a 73-yard touchdown pass to Darren Sproles during a 13:08 symbol in a third quarter. Coming into a second half, a Eagles had a 10-point lead, though this touchdown pushed it to a 20-3 advantage and a rout was on. This play was a tone-setter (see story)

“That’s something that we speak about a lot,” Wentz pronounced after a game. “We always contend that a play is never dead. we like to make plays when we need to and everybody only does a good pursuit of removing open in those situations.”

This was a initial large off-schedule play Wentz has strike during his 3 weeks as a team’s starter, though a signs were there. In a Chicago game, there were several times where he showed his ability to extend plays. We pennyless them down in a film examination final week (see story).

Throughout a week, Wentz had been compared to Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. One of a reasons was their common ability to extend plays and make something happen. Big Ben showed his ability in a initial entertain and roughly connected on a outrageous touchdown pass to Markus Wheaton in a behind of a finish zone, though a receiver couldn’t lift it in. 

When Wentz got his shot after in a game, Sproles was means to lift it in, afterwards make something occur with his feet. 

“I saw Carson scrambling this way,” conduct manager Doug Pederson said. “Darren was literally right in front of me and when we saw him wheel, my initial greeting was to find a sideline to see if he stepped out to be utterly honest.  He hadn’t, and Carson only — it was like in delayed suit — floated that round adult a sideline and Darren did a rest from there. It was a extensive play from those dual individuals. I theory a final thing we did is we always demeanour behind to make certain there are no flags on a belligerent on those prolonged plays.”

There were no flags. Touchdown. Game. 

Let’s take a closer demeanour during a play: 


Wentz is in shotgun with Sproles in a backfield with him. The Eagles come out with three-wide on a distant side of a margin and a lot of space on a nearby side. 


Stephon Tuitt, who indeed had a flattering good diversion opposite a Eagles, takes this track to a quarterback. When he gets to left ensure Allen Barbre, Barbre possibly didn’t see him or didn’t conflict quick enough. 


While Sproles is still using his brief out, Wentz feels a vigour and is means to step adult by a hole combined by Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks. As shortly as he creates it through, Wentz still has his eyes downfield. 


Now Wentz is by a hole and sees Sproles finishing his out-route. This is when Wentz, on a run, motions to Sproles to take off. This is something we’ve seen Wentz do a few times during his 3 weeks as Eagles quarterback. 

Wentz was left with a tough preference here. He could have run for 10, maybe even 15 yards. It was far-reaching open, though he motionless to try to make a play with his arm instead. 

“I always wish to be a thrower first,” he said. “Even when a play breaks down, I’m always looking [to throw] since that’s where a large plays are happening. If we hasten we competence get 5, 10, 15, 20 yards, though I’m not that fast. we always wish to get it to a guys that can make plays. We always wish to make plays when they’re there, and that’s what happened.”

With a line of struggle during a 27, Wentz has adequate recognition to run horizontally to make certain he didn’t cross. And as shortly as Pittsburgh reserve Mike Mitchell takes that initial step toward him, Wentz sees how most room Sproles has to work with. 

Ryan Shazier, who was covering Sproles on a play, froze and afterwards started to step toward Wentz too. He pronounced he suspicion a quarterback crossed a line of scrimmage, though Wentz was wakeful adequate to stay behind.  


Once Sproles catches a round in open space, he starts to do Sproles things. Defensive back Sean Davis took a bad angle on him and once he gets close, a maestro turns it inside. Davis pronounced he was perplexing to buy time for a rest of his invulnerability to get there and stop Sproles. It didn’t work. 

“Man, it’s Sproles!” receiver Nelson Agholor said. “Did we consider he was going to get tackled?”



While he’s restraint downfield, Dorial Green-Beckham indeed trips himself adult and does a somersault. But it didn’t matter — Sproles didn’t need a good block. He flattering most did it himself. 

“Anytime that we can put it in a hands of [Sproles] something special can occur on any play, and he did a rest of it,” Wentz said. 

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