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Don’t Wait To Update Your Apple Products

Don’t Wait To Update Your Apple Products

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection

I will get to final column’s note about a “cloud” shortly, though let’s speak initial about your iPhone and iPad and a latest iOS update—9.3.5— that came out recently and has a confidence refurbish that has been on a news and on a Internet. If we missed it, refurbish now.

The refurbish “fills” a hole that authorised a bad guys to insert bad things onto your iPad/iPhone by a bug called “Pegasus.” This was indeed found by a association called Citizen Lab and presumably comes from a organisation called Trident. Thanks, Citizen Lab.

On Sept. 2, an refurbish came out for Safari and OS X El Capitan and Yosemite, that again we should refurbish right now. It covers a same problems and what are called “zero day” attacks.

With Apple/Mac products we customarily wait a week or dual for an refurbish to see if any changes occur, or we see if others (the guinea pigs) find problems, though with this update, greatfully do it now.

Now onto a “cloud.” What is that thing? It is unequivocally adult there in a sky? Where does my things go when we “put it on a cloud”?

The “cloud”— possibly it’s iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or another association charity to keep your information safe—is unequivocally only a “server” sitting somewhere. So a association possibly has a garland of machines with lots of information storage (hard drives) or “rents” a storage from someone—like Amazon—and afterwards your information is “stored” there.

That’s a cloud! Yep, your information is sitting on a tough expostulate in a outrageous building out in a dried outward Las Vegas owned by Amazon, rented by “Insert name here.” And afterwards we have a couple to it by what is called a VPN or some other means (a website for example) where we can entrance it. So a subsequent time someone says their things is in a “cloud,” don’t demeanour up!

Looking brazen to some good questions and assisting we out. If we need evident assistance, we can always call Rent A Bob during 843.822.7794 or during

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