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Dodgers Dugout: Breaking down a Rich Hill-Josh Reddick deal; Yasiel Puig’s puzzling day

Dodgers Dugout: Breaking down a Rich Hill-Josh Reddick deal; Yasiel Puig’s puzzling day

Whatever a case, hopefully we will get some arrange of reason during some point. The Dodgers are approaching to strictly send him to a minors after today.

For a good demeanour during Puig and a Dodgers, review Dylan Hernandez’s column, which we can find here.

Fleetwood Mac honors Vin

On Thursday, Vin Scully was respected during a Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala during Dodger Stadium. The event, that was attended by about 1,000 people, enclosed a special unison by Fleetwood Mac. Why am we revelation we this? So we could uncover we a cold print above. 

The sorcery number

Each week we will demeanour during a uniform series a Dodger is wearing and go by a story of that series with a Dodgers. When we was a child and went to games, we was always extraordinary who wore a series of my favorite players. Then again, we was a bizarre kid. For “best Dodgers to wear a number,” usually a stats a actor compiles while he was with a group and wearing that series count.

Next adult is:

No. 38 (Brandon McCarthy)

Best Dodgers to wear No. 38: Roger Craig (1959-61)Todd Worrell (1993-97), Eric Gagne (2001-06)

Others to wear No. 38 with a Dodgers: Dick Siebert (1932), Tony Giuliani (1941), Al Zachary (1944), Harry Taylor (1946), Bob Ramazzotti (1946), Paul Minner (1946-49), Billy Loes (1950), Dick Williams (1951-54, 1956), Bob Darnell (1954, 1956), Ron Negray (1958), Joe Moeller (1962-67), Jack Billingham (1968), Bill Buckner (1969), Jim Bunning (1969), Sandy Vance (1970-71), Geoff Zahn (1973-75), Elias Sosa (1976), Lance Rautzhan (1977-79), Dave Goltz (1980-82), Pat Zachry (1983-84), Craig Shipley (1986-87), Jose Gonzalez (1989-91), Steve Wilson (1991-92), Dave Mlicki (1998-99), Rudy Seanez (2007), Ramon Troncoso (2008-11), Shawn Tolleson (2012-13).  

What Vin Scully means to me

I asked we to tell me your best Vin Scully memory, and we got a lot of responses. we will tell comparison ones in any newsletter. And keep emailing them to me.

Lewis Leader: The first-story unit that we lived in as a tiny child in Brooklyn was right subsequent to P.S. 182, that we attended by a second grade.  As we played stickball on a concrete stadium — a “big” kids would let me pelt a high-bounce rubber round — we could hear Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett broadcasting a Dodgers games on a radio subsequent to a Smith-Corona typewriter that my dad, a writer, was pulsation divided on.We changed to Los Angeles, 3 seasons brazen of a Dodgers’ attainment in 1958.  My father worked for a tiny weekly journal that had deteriorate box seats only to a left of home image during a Coliseum.  Between games of a doubleheader that initial deteriorate — a Dodgers had 7 home twinbills that year, and one sheet was good for both games — we saw Vin articulate to someone in a stands nearby a temporary press box that a Dodgers used during a Coliseum.Shyly, we approached him and waited for his review to end.  He beheld me, greeted me in a strong and accessible manner, and autographed a tiny square of paper, that we unfortunately mislaid decades ago.Flash brazen to 1974.  we am now a immature sportswriter, covering a World Series between a Dodgers and a A’s during a Oakland Coliseum, that Vin is announcing.  Outgoing and lucent again he walks nearby to where we am standing.  This time, however, we am too bashful to approach, so we don’t ask for an designation this time.  we wish that we had.

The TV situation

If we would like to protest about a Dodgers’ TV situation, we have 3 options: The Dodgers, Time Warner Cable and whatever internal wire or satellite provider we have that doesn’t lift a Dodgers. Here’s who to contact:

For a Dodgers, click here or call (866) DODGERS ([866] 363-4377). (I wish we like form letters.)

For Time Warner, click here.

For DirecTV, call (800) 531-5000 or click here.

For your internal wire or satellite provider, deliberate your check for a patron use series and for a website.

And finally

Scully has a humorous story about Mike Matheny and …. well, you’ll only have to see for yourself. Watch and listen to it here. 

Have a criticism or something you’d like to see in a destiny Dodgers newsletter? Email me and follow me on Twitter: @latimeshouston

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