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Doc Rivers reflects on Rajon Rondo’s Celtic run

Doc Rivers reflects on Rajon Rondo’s Celtic run

Both were clever willed, like towering goats. But even when Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers collided, they kept on operative together.

The former Celtics coach’s confrontational character was accurately what a immature Rondo indispensable from a time he was a rookie in 2006 until Rivers’ depart for a Los Angeles Clippers in a summer of 2013.

Rondo done his possess depart from Boston with final Thursday’s trade to Dallas. He was a city’s final on-court couple to a 2007-08 NBA championship, and in Rivers’ mind, a distant some-more seasoned chronicle of a fresh indicate ensure who helped explain a franchise’s 17th title.

In his early years, a assist-obsessed ensure didn’t wish to shoot, and generally still doesn’t. The many realistic traits tarry maturity.

What Celtics fans might not entirely understand, according to Rivers, is how closely they gimlet declare to a immature man’s growth, from age 20 to 28.

“It’s been a good story,” Rivers pronounced final Friday. “Rondo had his ups and downs, though people have to know what we asked of a second-year ensure who was on a bad group his rookie year.

“A lot was asked. Unfortunately for Rondo, everybody watched him mature publicly.”

His warlike on-court appearance led to a waggish sell with a destiny teammate, Kris Humphries, during a 2012 Celtics-Nets game. Rondo landed a camber of jabs in a large man’s chest before a push was damaged up.

He warranted a one-game suspension, and a occurrence capped utterly a year. Rondo had no reduction than 4 in-game incidents in that span, also including dual bumps with referees and another for bouncing a round off a leg of arbitrate Marc Davis.

Rivers felt his possess middle thermometer detonate in a group assembly after Game 2 of a 2011 discussion semifinals. Rondo started criticizing teammates, Rivers called out his behavior, and Rondo threw a bottle that crushed a video screen. He left a use trickery and, underneath Rivers’ orders, was not authorised behind in when he returned.

Rivers’ response to memory of these moments is an unruffled, “Yeah, so what.”

“We had a good relationship, where we had arguments, though everybody finished adult carrying a good time,” pronounced a Clippers coach. “The good relations and marriages survive. They always do.

“Off a building Rajon has never been a problem. It was on a building where he had to learn to be some-more studious with his teammates. But he was really good with me.”

Rondo’s expansion was reflected in his actions as a increasingly creaky championship group was dismantled. Surrounded by immature players, he changed into a mentoring role. He pronounced that fatherhood had middle-aged him, done him some-more thoughtful.

Unlike his oft-thorny give-and-take with Rivers, Rondo seemed to fast rise an even-keeled partnership with Brad Stevens. But a indicate ensure was also divided about his place on a rebuilding team.

Rivers talked to Rondo dual weeks ago, and sensed a conflict.

“I know for a fact that Rondo was torn,” pronounced Rivers. “When we talked he was totally torn. He wanted to be a Celtic for life. But he didn’t see any some-more titles entrance if he stayed. He’s really happy now to go to a good situation. But during a time we talked, he didn’t know what he wanted.

“It was only a tough, tough call.”

As Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins have discovered, we can indeed come back. Rondo earnings to a Garden with Dallas on Jan. 2, and if a day is anything like what a others have experienced, Rondo will be reminded because partial of him wanted to stay.

He witnessed a romantic tributes for Rivers, Pierce, Garnett and Perkins. But it goes behind serve than a tributes. The romantic ties were shaped by moments like Game 6 of a 2012 Eastern Conference finals.

LeBron James had only put a diversion out of strech with a 45-point performance, tied a array during 3-3, and sent it behind to Miami for a lethal conclusion. But fans stood and applauded as a Celtics filed off a building following a 98-79 blowout loss.

According to Rivers, this is a kind of impulse that ties Rondo to Boston.

“That day is my many critical memory other than a title,” pronounced Rivers. “I tell people about that all a time. we know there is not another city in this joining where that would happen. They only get it there.

“Everyone who has left knows that we can make a box for because it was so special basketball-wise, though it’s a intangibles like that day that get you. we pledge we that’s what Rondo is meditative about now.”

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