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Despite Petco, Justin Upton has large anticipation upside after trade to Padres

Despite Petco, Justin Upton has large anticipation upside after trade to Padres


  1. A light boost in intensity in a square of music.
  2. The San Diego Padres’ 2014-15 offseason.

The Padres have been a many active group this winter, and their acquisition of Justin Upton was a handbill opposite a rest of a National League West. San Diego has totally remade a outfield, with an eye on branch around an offense that strike only .226/.292/.342 final year. In a few brief months, we’ll see how a examination of personification Upton, Wil Myers and Matt Kemp (and Matt Kemp’s arthritic hips) in a same outfield goes for a Padres, yet there’s small doubt a contingent will vastly urge a Friars during a plate.

We’ve already tackled a Kemp and Myers anticipation spin. Now it’s Upton’s turn.


By scarcely all measures, Upton’s second year in Atlanta was improved than his first. He strike .270/.342/.491 with 29 homers, 102 RBI and 133 weighted runs total plus. His 3.9 fWAR was a third-highest sum of his career, trailing his dual beast seasons in Arizona. Upton didn’t cut behind on his inclination to pitch and miss, posting a 26.7 percent strikeout rate, and during this indicate of his career, that boat has expected sailed. What he did do was keep his transport rate during a important 9.4 percent and make tough hit scarcely as mostly as ever. He had a 20.1-percent line-drive rate and a 17.9-percent HR/FB ratio final year, both of that were a second-best rates of his career.

The regard for any hitter going to San Diego, generally a right-handed energy hitter like Upton, is his new home stadium. Petco Park stifles energy as most as any stadium, quite for right-handed hitters. According to Stat Corner’s park factors report, Petco suppressed homers by right-handed hitters by a whopping 19 percent final year. Turner Field, Upton’s aged home in Atlanta, increased them by 7 percent.

Few hitters, however, have Upton’s tender power. His normal loyal home run stretch final year was 409.6 feet, and even that was a lowest sum of his career. Below is Upton’s home run mist draft with an conceal of Petco Park. As we will see, Upton’s energy should play only excellent in San Diego.

The round travels differently by a atmosphere in Southern California than it does in Northwest Georgia, yet all 29 of Upton’s homers from a deteriorate ago had a stretch to get out of Petco Park. Maybe normal, two-dimensional screenshots aren’t adequate for you, though. Maybe we need some relocating cinema to get we excited. Well, we have those for we as well.

Do we consider Jenrry Mejia is assured that a proportions of Petco Park won’t be means to enclose Upton and his huge power? we certain am, and we should be too. Thanks to Upton’s reign with a Diamondbacks, we indeed have a decent representation of 192 image appearances during Petco Park, that translates to about one-third of a full season. In those image appearances, Upton has amassed a .291/.359/.541 condense line with 10 homers and 11 doubles.


Of course, interjection to baseball’s lunatic schedule, Upton is trade about 75 total games per deteriorate during Nationals Park, Citi Field, Marlins Park and Citizens Bank Park for a same series during Coors Field, Dodger Stadium, ATT Park and Chase Field. The homes of a Nationals and Marlins significantly extent right-handed power, with home run park factors of 77 and 81, respectively, for righties. That means they suppressed right-handed energy by 23 and 19 percent. Citi played during 9 percent improved than normal of righties, while a home of a Phillies had a absurd 146 park factor.

The good news for Upton is that 3 of a 4 NL West stadiums he’ll transport to have certain park factors for right-handed power. Chase, Dodger and Coors carried a home run numbers of righties by seven, 14 and 20 percent, respectively. (ATT suppressed it by 26 percent.) In other words, personification in a NL West shouldn’t meant a energy hillside from personification in a NL East.

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Upton has been around for so prolonged — 2014 was already his seventh full deteriorate in a majors — that people seem to forget he’s only 27 years old. He’s only now entering his fanciful primary and already has 22.5 fWAR in his career. This twitter from Hardball Talk’s Aaron Gleeman held my eye:

Upton is a extravagantly gifted actor in a honeyed mark of his career with some-more pristine energy than anyone this side of Giancarlo Stanton. The pierce to Petco from Turner should not lean we from drafting him. He stays my No. 7 outfielder and is expected a late second-round collect in 12-team leagues.

On Friday’s SI Now, Sports Illustrated associate editor Ted Keith and Jay Jaffe plead what is a subsequent pierce a Padres need to make during a off season.

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