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Derick Dillard Slammed For Wedding PDA, Josh Duggar Homage: What Did He Do?!

Derick Dillard Slammed For Wedding PDA, Josh Duggar Homage: What Did He Do?!

Derick Dillard has come underneath glow for a startling reason that has zero to do with his disappearing health and bizarrely hirsute coming for once.

The 27-year-old is feeling a feverishness from fans following a open arrangement of adore with mother Jill Duggar during her sister Jinger’s marriage this month.

One desirous by family sex delinquent Josh Duggar no less.

When Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo dual weekends ago, attendees Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard did something that felt really harmless.

And yet, it done some-more than a few people consider of … Joshua.

After Jeremy and Jinger exchanged vows, one of her bridesmaids, Jill, was prepared to be escorted down a aisle by one of Jer’s groomsmen.

That’s when Derick, who was not a partial of a marriage party, jumped out of his seat, grabbed his wife, dipped her behind and kissed her.

Yes, that happened, as a groomsmen awkwardly watched.

Moreover, a Dillards proceeded to travel out of a church together as a jilted groomsmen were forced to travel behind them alone.

After observing Derick’s marriage antics, some viewers who watch Counting On online took to a show’s Facebook page to complain.

“I usually watched it and that was super bold of him!!! Then laid her behind for a lick right in a center of somebody else’s wedding!” one fan said.

“RUDE! Don’t NOBODY wish Jill though him!”

“There was no need for him to lick his wife,” another card-carrying member of Duggar Nation commented following a bizarre scene.

“He had his marriage day and attempted to take something from Jinger and Jeremy. It done him demeanour needy and really insecure. Very childish.”

What does Josh have to do with this, we ask?

As some-more than a few fans forked out, what Derick did is a Duggar family tradition of sorts, and one imagining with Josh and Anna Duggar.

Josh did something really similar during a 2012 marriage of Anna’s sister, Priscilla Keller, and David Waller, a tighten crony of a Duggars.

In that case, Anna and Josh were both members of a marriage party, though in identical fashion, they stopped nearby a front pews of a church.

As they were walking down a aisle together, they publicly embraced in a pierce that was clearly designed to uncover off their adore to a masses.

(If people knew afterwards what they know now …)

Coincidence, we competence ask? Not likely. Josh pulled a attempt again during Jill and Derick’s 2014 wedding. So Der has brought it full circle.

While Josh and Anna were together and happy during Jinger’s wedding, he kept a really low form and was edited out of any TLC footage.

In a box of Jill’s wedding, Anna was in a marriage celebration while her father was not – again, for reasons we expected comprehend in hindsight.

Very most like Derick did with Jill 12 days ago, Josh had to wrench his mother divided from her groomsman chaperon to lick her in a church.

Interestingly, Ben Seewald also stole Jessa Duggar divided from her chaperon and walked her down a aisle after that same marriage ceremony.

Jessa and Ben couldn’t awkwardly make out in public, however, since they were still courting during a time. Side hugs only, baby. You know.

Maybe for a best in this uncanny case.

Jessa and Ben famously did not lick any other in front of their possess marriage guest when they tied a tangle in Nov 2014, either.

They opted to share their initial lick in private.

A small modesty? What a novel concept. Somewhat startling that they need chaperoned dates though are all about absurd post-marital PDA.

But anyway … behind to a theme during hand:

Harmless as this gesticulate is, and regardless of either Derick is profitable loyalty to Josh, who a heck does that during someone else’s wedding?!

Something in a H2O down in Tontitown …

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