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Data on 3.3 million Hello Kitty fans sat out in open, researcher says

Data on 3.3 million Hello Kitty fans sat out in open, researcher says

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Hello Kitty is everywhere — on backpacks, shirts and notepads. Now she’s a face of a reported information crack that affects adult to 3.3 million people.

Personal information for fans who bond by has been sitting plainly ocular on a Internet and simply permitted with a click of a mouse, no penetrate required, a confidence researcher pronounced over a weekend., designed for fans of Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, hosts all a accounts for players of a renouned diversion called Hello Kitty Online.

The defenceless information doesn’t simply embody usernames, email addresses and passwords hints. It also contains people’s names, dates of birth, genders and other identifying information, pronounced researcher Chris Vickery.

Sanrio pronounced it doesn’t emanate accounts for children underneath 13. However, a leaked information, that came from users all over a world, appears to embody accounts for those underneath age 18.

It’s misleading how most information on children is involved, and this news is eclipsed by final month’s penetrate of user information on some-more than 6 million of children from fondle program association VTech. But a reported find of a SanrioTown information shows that it doesn’t always take hackers with modernized skills to crack supportive information, including that of children.

Sanrio pronounced in a matter that an “alleged” crack is underneath review and that “information will be done accessible once confirmed.” Sanrio didn’t endorse a researcher’s outline of a breach, nor did it respond to a doubt about either information from minors was enclosed in a reportedly defenceless data.

Vickery showed CNET a representation of a annals he saw, that includes a list of usernames, scrambled adult passwords, initial and final names, genders, birth dates and answers to confidence questions like “What is your favorite food.” In a pointless representation of 15 records, dual seemed to be of minors. Sanrio declined to determine either a information listed in a representation was from a database.

Vickery found a database, he said, while looking for defenceless information on a Internet by acid a website that can find information stored in a cloud.

The confidence researcher has done a name for himself anticipating defenceless information on a Internet. Earlier this month, he detected information for 13 million users of a security app MacKeeper. He also found some-more than 1 million health word annals left unsecured by a remuneration estimate association in September.

He spends his days assisting mechanism users as an IT technician though creates sleuthing out defenceless information his hobby since he thinks too many companies are being “reckless” and “lazy” about gripping user information safe.

What’s discouraging about a reported SanrioTown crack is that someone doesn’t need modernized hacking skills to find and review a information. To a contrary, it can be found by a website,, that looks for information in a same approach Google looks for websites, Vickery said. Finding information takes some digging, he added, though with time and curiosity, anyone with a Web browser can find information like that of SanrioTown.

“It’s kind of a whole, ‘Oh, it won’t occur to me’ mentality,” Vickery said. That, he said, is because he’s articulate about it to a press.

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