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Dancing With a Stars recap: Dance Mom Said Knock You Out

Dancing With a Stars recap: Dance Mom Said Knock You Out

Week 8 of a foe competence not have had a theme, yet it did have Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller as a guest judge, which is maybe since they motionless to go yet a thesis in a initial place. Trying to have both would’ve done a night feel like a small much. As distant as I’m concerned, Miller’s hair was a vast adequate understanding — and unequivocally full of secrets — before we even got to her opinion or her comprehensive mania with James. (You guys know what I’m articulate about.)

So who’s prepared to dance? Well, we wish we brought a vast series of theatre decorations (a.k.a. home furniture), or else we substantially won’t be authorised to take a building this week. Cherry trees and sofas or zero during all!

We kicked a night off with a entrance of Mark Ballas’ best Robin Thicke impression! As distant as a strain was concerned, it sounded like a fun dance track, yet we was a bit some-more spooky with a dance number. Ballas’ single, “Get My Name” — we have no suspicion what that means — got things off on a right note, I’ll give it that much. However, a thing that unequivocally got me vehement for a show? Watching Maks and Meryl constantly pat any other.

Tonight would symbol a introduction of a Celebrity Dance Duel — pronounced in Tom’s best movie-trailer voice — and, of course, Abby Lee Miller as a judge. Her checklist of soundness included: Straight legs, forked feet, ideal musicality, inspiration, romantic changes, and flattering most everything. And by everything, she means we have to demeanour like James Maslow … and be named James Maslow.

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess: 40/40 The quickstep is customarily a lick of genocide for dancers, yet we consider Charlie finally managed to find a dance that matched his appetite level. And even yet this was a ideal event to get him behind in his Mary Poppins blazer, I’m peaceful to demeanour past that slip since his mom is so adorable. That’s right, Charlie’s mom paid a revisit to remind him what a small optimist he is. And only like that, a male was operative those high kicks — Olympian entrance through! — and quickstepping his approach all around that floor. we was unequivocally tender by how together their feet were via a whole routine, and we suspicion Charlie did a good pursuit of toning it down a little, even yet his hyper, six-year-old-on-a-Surge-induced-sugar-high celebrity worked quite good for this number.

Afterward, Len was determining if this was special adequate for a 10, yet Abby was here to scold people: She wanted him to straighten his knee on some burst that she was wrong about, and get this: Bruno was right! Not an arabesque, Abby. Sorry we’re not sorry! Also, did she unequivocally only make a criticism that he indispensable to sharp behind his hair? Is she crazy? The rebound in those thatch accounts for during slightest 60 percent of his charm. The other 40? All bullion medal, smiles, and optimism!

Bruno praised Charlie’s accurate footwork, and Carrie Ann suspicion tonight competence be his propitious night. Spoiler: It was. Also, how ungainly would it have been if she’d pronounced that and Len didn’t give them a 10? Risky, Carrie Ann. But it paid off.

OK, between Erin’s romper and her creation fun of a racer comment, she did win me over tonight. Plus, anyone who defends Charlie’s hair is alright with me.

Important note: Len loves him some “Hey Ya!”

NEXT: “I smell some mist tan wrestling entrance on.”

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