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Could More Have Been Done for Thomas Eric Duncan?

Could More Have Been Done for Thomas Eric Duncan?

Thomas Eric Duncan

Associated Press

When Thomas Eric Duncan became a initial diagnosed box of Ebola in a United States, his kin with roots in virus-ravaged Liberia knew what questions to ask.

Would his diagnosis embody initial drugs? Was a blood transfusion from a survivor an option? What about a send from a sanatorium in Dallas, where he was being treated, to one of 4 medical centers national that specialize in rarely spreading diseases like Ebola?

Duncan, bad and uninsured, did not get all a assistance his family members wanted, and they now doubt because his caring was opposite in some ways than that of Americans putrescent with a lethal pathogen who survived. Of a 9 people who have been treated for Ebola in a U.S., usually Duncan has died.

“We asked. We begged. We pleaded. we even offering my possess blood, even yet it wouldn’t do anything for him,” pronounced nephew Josephus Weeks, who was so tighten in age to Duncan that they were lifted like brothers. “We requested all we could consider of to save Eric. They pronounced no.”

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas orator Wendell Watson pronounced “many diagnosis options” were considered, including initial drugs and a transfusion. What could be finished to save Duncan was “discussed daily” with experts during a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University in Atlanta, that has a special siege section that successfully treated other Ebola patients. He pronounced all parties motionless to leave Duncan in Dallas, where he died Oct. 8.


Duncan’s medical records, that a family common with The Associated Press, note a smallest sum of his treatment: what he ate, how he looked, a fluids and drugs pumped into his Ebola-ridden body.

The annals substantially simulate a fragment of a discussions over Duncan’s care. Still, they contend comparatively small about initial treatment. Five days upheld from a time a alloy initial suspected Ebola, when Duncan returned a second time to a ER on Sept. 28, until sanatorium officials remarkable they were perplexing to secure an initial drug, brincidofovir, for Duncan on Oct. 3.

Worried about a delay, Weeks texted his sanatorium hit on Oct. 4.

“Is there an initial diagnosis we need to pronounce about?” Weeks pronounced in a content summary sell with a Presbyterian Hospital liaison, Jennifer Rainer.

“He has gotten a initial dose,” Rainer replied mins later, adding that she could not contend either a drug was working.

Duncan perceived another sip of brincidofovir on Oct. 7 — a day before he died, annals show.

Experts remonstrate on either removing Duncan an initial drug sooner, giving him a opposite drug or a blood transfusion would have done a difference.

“No genuine approach to know, given there are positively no information on it,” pronounced Dr. Greg Moran, an puncture and spreading illness dilettante during UCLA.

But Dr. Thomas Geisbert, an Ebola consultant during a University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, pronounced he had difficulty bargain because 4 days elapsed between Duncan’s reliable exam formula on Sept. 30 and his initial treatment. And he was astounded by a choice of initial drug given to Duncan.

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