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Could a ‘Zunewatch’ be Microsoft’s subsequent hardware foray?

Could a ‘Zunewatch’ be Microsoft’s subsequent hardware foray?

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Add Microsoft to a list of companies pronounced to be operative on smartwatch devices.

The Redmond-based hulk is building a possess wrist-mounted device with a eye on a probable recover after this year, according to a report by Forbes, that cites “multiple sources with believe of a company’s plans.”

Forbes suggests that a device would embody a series of sensors that would yield fitness-tracking functions, such as a heart-rate monitor, and would interface with iOS and Android inclination as good as Windows Phone handsets.

The Zunewatch, as it will many positively not be named, is also pronounced to underline a two-day battery life and a touchscreen arrangement that rests on a underside of a wrist rather than on top, to make it easier to check your pulse.

When reached for comment, a Microsoft orator pronounced a association had “nothing to share” on a matter.

If a gossip is true, a smartwatch recover would put Microsoft alongside such mobile rivals as Apple and Samsung, as good as a pretender Pebble, in a rising margin of wrist-mounted smartwatch devices. Samsung has offering a Galaxy Gear to small marketplace success, while Apple is reportedly tough during work building a wrist-based element to a iOS family that could further strike shelves after this year.

But this would not be Redmond’s initial incursion into a watch space. More than a decade ago, a association put out a connected watch height dubbed SPOT with support from watchmakers such as Fossil and Citizen.

That platform, that used FM radio signals to send digital calm from Microsoft’s MSN service, sputtered about for several years before Microsoft finally killed it off in 2012. ®

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