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Coroner: Bristol Township woman’s genocide not caused by lorry crash

Coroner: Bristol Township woman’s genocide not caused by lorry crash

Hours before his 93-year-old mom died, Ron Russo felt his family’s Bristol Township residence shake.

It was only after 2:30 a.m. when he rushed to a window of a Levittown house’s front bedroom and saw a behind lights of a lorry lift off into a dark. The truck, that military found Friday afternoon in Bristol, had crashed into a dilemma of a residence where Jennie Russo, who was on hospice caring and incited 93 Friday, was sleeping.

On Saturday, an autopsy was achieved on Russo, pronounced Bucks County Coroner Dr. Joseph Campbell.

“She died from healthy causes of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,” Campbell said, adding her arteries and heart were improved than many people. The anticipating means a pile-up did not means a woman’s genocide notwithstanding her flitting only hours after a accident.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a scarring or thickening of a lungs with no famous causes. It many mostly occurs in people ages 50 to 70, according to a medical website.

“I listened a whole residence only shake. we see a tail lights of a lorry entrance out of a grass and going down to Redbrook Lane,” Ron Russo said. “Who hits a residence and only takes off though checking to see if everybody is OK?”

Meanwhile, a red Dodge lorry that struck a residence was found after Friday in Bristol on Bath Street by Bristol Borough Sgt. Pete Faight, pronounced Bristol Township Acting Chief Ralph Johnson. The lorry was towed to Bristol Township domicile and a suspect, a 20-year-old male, who is not being named given he has not been charged, concluded to accommodate Officer Tom Polistina during a Lukoil, during Bath Street and Route 13.

The think was taken to Bristol Township military domicile and questioned. He was released, military said.

Johnson pronounced Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler wants to examination all a reports and pronounced it will be “comprehensively investigated” before any charges would be lodged.

That could be this week, Johnson said. He pronounced a lorry is purebred in Bristol Township, though it is misleading if a male lives in a municipality or a borough.

“He has been really mild with a review and his family has been supportive,” a behaving arch said.

Ron Russo pronounced he changed his mother, who weighed 58 pounds due to her illness, to his bedroom after a pile-up to keep her comfortable given a pile-up non-stop adult a wall of a house. The car did not strike her in a crash, though pushed a dresser into her bed, and knocked eremite statues from a walls, Russo said.

A brief time later, firefighters from Levittown Fire Co. No. 2 changed a sanatorium bed she was in to a vital room, along with a apparatus provision her oxygen.

Russo pronounced he suspicion those dual moves were too most for his mother, who has been in hospice caring for a past 6 weeks given of a pulmonary fibrosis.

About 45 mins after a accident, he pronounced she started angry that she was cold and that her conduct hurt.

“She was saying, ‘I wish to go behind to my room,’ and we told her, ‘It’s not there anymore, Mom,’ ” he said.

A brief time later, his mom died. He pronounced he hoped they would have had some-more time together. Russo pronounced he had stayed with his mom during a home during a whole time she has been on hospice care.

Brenda Russo, Ron’s wife, pronounced that a family was blissful a motorist met with police.

“Stand adult for what we did, and be honest about it,” she said.

The Russo family has lived during a Redbrook Lane residence given 1954 when Jennie, her husband, Angelo, and their dual sons Ron and Michael changed in. Angelo died in 1967, and most of a family remained in Levittown while some relocated to Florida.

The family pronounced a services will be Friday during St. Michael a Archangel in Tullytown, and Jennie Russo will be buried subsequent to her father in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Anyone with information is speedy to call Officers Paul Shallcross during 267-812-3096 or Paul Aita during 267-812-3042.

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