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Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos awarded Nobel Peace Prize for bid to finish half-century conflict

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos awarded Nobel Peace Prize for bid to finish half-century conflict

Santos’s endowment was distinguished in Colombia, whose usually prior Nobel personality was a late writer Gabriel García Márquez, target of a 1982 esteem in Literature.

Santos dedicate a esteem to a Colombian people and a millions who have suffered from a bloodshed.

“This is for a victims,” he said, in a nationally-televised residence Friday morning. “So that there won’t be one some-more victim, nor one some-more death. We contingency come together and combine to finish this process, and start to build a fast and durability peace.”

Among a surprises of a endowment was that it was bestowed on Santos alone, rather than a boss and his categorical partner in a assent efforts, FARC personality Rodrigo Londoño, who goes by a alias Timochenko.

But a FARC personality was never deliberate as clever a claimant for a honors. Like other riotous commanders, he is wanted in a United States on drug-trafficking charges, and he leads a insurgent army that a United States and Colombian governments cruise a militant organization.

Londoño pronounced Friday on Twitter that he remained committed to peace, and a rebels released a apart corner matter together with supervision negotiators observant a FARC would be peaceful to plead “adjustments” to a accord.

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos, with his wife, Maria Clemencia Rodriguez, reacts after casting his opinion on a assent settle referendum on Sunday. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

It seemed to be a initial time a rebels have indicated a eagerness to revisit a 297-page agreement, that was rigourously sealed by Londoño and Santos on Sept 26 though can’t be implemented since electorate have rebuffed it.

Norway had a special interest in this year’s assent prize. Its government, together with Cuba, has served as “guarantor” for a negotiations with a FARC, radically personification a go-between purpose via 4 years of perfected talks.

Whether a Nobel esteem will give Santos new precedence to redo a assent understanding stays to be seen.

Colombians already knew that Santos had a support of a Obama administration, a United Nations, a European Union and Pope Francis — an immensely renouned figure in their heavily Catholic republic of 50 million.

But it seemed to make small disproportion in Colombia, where Santos’s recognition is significantly reduce than it is abroad. With Colombia’s economy negligence and crime on a rise, Santos’s presidential capitulation rating has slumped next 30 percent in new months. His opponents were means to better his assent understanding Sunday in partial by creation a opinion a referendum on his presidency.

The office of a assent understanding with a guerrillas “was a deeply personal self-assurance for him,” pronounced Pilar Calderon, who worked closely with Santos as his communications executive for dual years, until April.

Calderon pronounced she approaching that some in their deeply polarized nation will contend Santos’s prolonged debate for a agreement with a rebels was encouraged by personal “vanity” and a kind of prize-chasing.

“They’re wrong,” she said. “He did it since he knows that a usually approach for Colombia to pierce brazen is with peace.”

The Harvard-educated scion of one of Colombia’s many distinguished families, Santos, 65, was a nation’s invulnerability apportion from 2006 until 2009, a duration when a Colombian troops dealt FARC some of a toughest setbacks.

In a segment prolonged polarized by ideology, he was noticed as a new kind of statesman, a pro-business, socially liberal, globally disposed centrist on a commendable query to finish his country’s bloody, sour war.

The destiny of a efforts are in flux. Ordinary FARC soldiers have already spent months scheming to lay down their arms and react their families. Any new understanding will expected embody harsher penalties for those indicted of kidnapping, drug trafficking, murder and other fight crimes. Many rebels have spent decades in a jungle.

Absent any breakthroughs, a fragil cease-fire will end Oct. 31.

Santos faced a vital plea from his former domestic champion and prototype as Colombia’s leader, Álvaro Uribe, who led a successful bid to derail a assent accord.

“I honour President Santos for a Nobel,” Uribe wrote on Twitter Friday morning. “I wish it leads to changes to a accords that are deleterious for democracy.”

If Uribe pushes for a understanding that a rebels can’t accept, a assent settle could crumble. If he and a guerrillas can strech a compromise, he, some-more than Santos, could play a dove role.

But a Nobel esteem “moves a dial behind toward Santos,” pronounced a source concerned in a negotiations, who spoke on condition of anonymity since of a frail state of a talks. “This solidifies general support and puts additional weight on Uribe to not be a man who kills a peace. Whether it’s enough, or either Uribe will see it that way, is another story.”

Santos and Uribe met during a presidential house for a initial time in 6 years Wednesday, though they have nonetheless to determine on a trail brazen or that elements of a assent understanding could be rewritten.

Michael Shifter, boss of Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington consider tank, assist there is a risk a esteem could make it even harder to put a routine behind on track, “given that a bad blood between Uribe and Santos stems from enviousness as most as anything else.”

“Hopefully both will be advanced and work together to forge a inhabitant accord on peace,” pronounced Shifter. “It would be a empathize if this finished adult being a ultimate satisfaction esteem for Santos.”

Miroff reported from Havana. Annabell Van basement Berghe in Brussels contributed to this report.

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