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College Student Killed in Rare Bear Attack While Hiking in NJ

College Student Killed in Rare Bear Attack While Hiking in NJ

PHOTO: Darsh Patel, 22, of Edison, was fatally mauled by a bear late Sunday afternoon in West Milford, NJaccording to authorities.

A 300-pound masculine bear mauled a hiker to genocide in northern New Jersey in what officials contend was a initial deadly bear conflict on record in a state.

Rutgers University identified a plant currently as 22-year-old Darsh Patel, a comparison study record and informatics during a school, who was hiking with friends in a Apshawa Preserve on Sunday when a conflict happened.

“This is a singular occurrence,” West Milford military Chief Timothy Storbeck pronounced during a news discussion today.

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Patel, from Edison, N.J., was with 5 friends when a organisation satisfied a bear was following them, Storbeck said. They ran, bursting adult along a way, and when a friends couldn’t find Patel, they called police, who found a student’s physique about dual hours later.

The bear was expected looking for food and was encircling a victim’s physique from about 30 yards divided when sheriff’s officers and wildlife officials arrived, Storbeck said. He combined that they attempted to shock a bear divided by creation shrill noises and throwing sticks and stones, though eventually shot a animal with a rifle.

The bear, that wasn’t tagged, is being examined during a state lab for clues as to because it went after a hikers.

Patel was a second tyro from Rutgers University to die during a weekend, a propagandize reliable in a minute to students.

Caitlyn Kovacs, a sophomore, died after a companionship celebration on Sunday, WABC reported. The means of genocide is tentative an autopsy, though military suggested it is alcohol-related, according to WABC.

Human encounters with bears are singular and dwindling in New Jersey, Larry Ragonese of a state Department of Environmental Protection pronounced today, charity recommendation for anyone who comes opposite one outside.

“For folks who are out there hiking and looking to suffer a nature, generally in a fall, we would wish to tell them that if we confront a bear in inlet we contingency sojourn calm,” he said. “Do not run. You wish to make certain a bear has an shun route. You wish to equivocate approach eye hit with a bear. Back adult slowly, pronounce with a low, noisy voice. Don’t panic.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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