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Colin Kaepernick kneels during anthem before 49ers’ opener

Colin Kaepernick kneels during anthem before 49ers’ opener

11:02 PM ET

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick‘s criticism of secular hardship and inequality in a United States continued before Monday night’s diversion opposite a Los Angeles Rams.

For a second diversion in a row, Kaepernick and reserve Eric Reid knelt during a strain while teammates Antoine Bethea and Eli Harold stood and reason adult their right fists. Rams defensive finish Robert Quinn and receiver Kenny Britt also reason adult fists. Britt also was one of 5 Rams players to reason adult his hands after disturbance in Ferguson behind in 2014.

Niners defensive lineman Quinton Dial helped reason a vast dwindle during a anthem.

Kaepernick pronounced progressing this week that he would continue to kneel during a inhabitant anthem and validated that devise to ESPN’s Lindsay Czarniak on Monday night.

Asked about his greeting to a support he’s been removing from players around a league, Kaepernick said, “It’s only good — we can see everybody’s profitable attention.”

Last week, Jed York, a 49ers arch executive officer, affianced $1 million from a team’s free substructure to a Silicon Valley Community Foundation and a San Francisco Foundation, organizations with goals to support in some of a same areas Kaepernick is attempting to help.

Kaepernick formerly affianced a initial $1 million he creates this deteriorate to assistance communities in need and has pronounced he will do a same with deduction from his jersey sales.

On Monday night, York pronounced he and Kaepernick have had conversations over a past few weeks and again offering support to Kaepernick’s efforts.

“I’d only contend that tellurian rights is a truth that everybody should reason dear,” York said. “It’s not easy to make a mount and to do something that’s not renouned — that’s everybody — and we consider that’s what Colin has done, though we consider he’s finished it in a deferential way. He’s perplexing to move a voice to people that he doesn’t feel have one, and we consider we wish to do a same thing and try to help.”

York combined that he has no problems with his players reckoning out what actions they wish to take and afterwards following through.

“I’m not going to tell a guys what to do,” York said. “I’m not going to get into that. That’s not my place. The locker room will take caring of itself. we consider even with this, when everybody wants to speak about is this a distraction, what’s going on, it’s been something that we consider has been an emanate that many people haven’t discussed plainly in locker bedrooms and utterly overtly many places. And we consider a locker room is one of a places where guys can … they find a approach to indeed have a review about it as opposite to looking and carrying a preconceived idea of what does this meant and afterwards kind of going their possess apart ways.”

While Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has mislaid endorsements over his preference to kneel before Thursday’s diversion opposite a Carolina Panthers, York pronounced a 49ers have perceived no blowback from sponsors.

“They’ve all been unequivocally good,” York said.

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