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Cleveland Browns breeze collect Justin Gilbert doesn’t mind being overshadowed by …

Cleveland Browns breeze collect Justin Gilbert doesn’t mind being overshadowed by …

CLEVELAND, Ohio – They arrived during Browns domicile Friday in a white SUV, a integrate of parochial kids from Texas comparison in a initial turn of a 2014 NFL Draft.

“Welcome Justin and Johnny,” review a pointer hold by one of about a dozen vehement fans nod them outward a facility’s gate. Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel toured a campus together. They took cinema together and were seated alongside any other during an rudimentary news conference.

And that’s when their common knowledge ended. Gilbert, who says he wants to learn what Manziel’s life is like, held a glance of it over a subsequent 30 minutes.

A mob of 60-plus media members peppered Johnny Football with questions trimming from his gridiron ambitions to his luminary friends to his merrymaking lifestyle. At one point, a franchise’s central Twitter feed sent a chatter to Manziel crony and rapper Drake, featuring a design of a Browns No. 2 jersey and requesting his mailing address.

Outfitted in a black fit and Browns cap, Gilbert sat there smiling during a unfurling spectacle, responding a occasional doubt that mostly was Manziel-related.

“I told him walking in (today) it’s a good thing he’s here with me now since that takes all a vigour off me,” Gilbert pronounced laughing.

Only in Johnny’s World can a eighth collect in a NFL breeze be reduced to Andy Richter. Not that Gilbert minded. He’s a common 22-year-old from Huntsville, Texas, anticipating to make his highlights on ESPN and not TMZ.

The former high-school quarterback is fervent to urge his technique and give a Browns a peculiarity dilemma conflicting All-Pro Joe Haden. He was one of a record-breaking 9 defensive backs comparison in a initial round, illustrating a increasing significance teams are fixation on combatting a pass.

“I consider cornerbacks and quarterbacks are good peculiarity players on any team,” pronounced Gilbert, an Oklahoma State product. “If we can get those guys early, afterwards there’s something that we should do. It’s something we did here. We were means to get Johnny, too. That’s only a blessing. A lot of teams are perplexing to character their play after a (Seattle) Seahawks final year, and we consider that’s something that we’ll be means to do here.”

The cornerback was accompanied Friday by his parents, Iwanna Rolling and Sherman Gilbert, along with his grandmother, Edith. So, there were during slightest 3 people during a news discussion focused on a Browns’ new defensive back.

Manziel, drafted No. 22 overall, was quizzed about his friendships with Drake, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

The closest thing Gilbert came to fielding a luminary doubt was about former Oklahoma State teammate Brandon Weeden.

“He’s a good guy,” Gilbert pronounced of a ex-Browns quarterback. “We used to call him ‘Papa’ on a group since he was so old. He was roughly as aged as (Oklahoma State Head) Coach (Mike) Gundy, though he’s a good guy.”

Gilbert’s pappy thinks Browns fans will grow to conclude his son’s talents. Beyond excelling during cornerback, he returned a Big-12-record 6 career kickoffs for touchdowns.

“In brief words, he’s a game-changer,” Sherman Gilbert said. “I can’t sum it adult any improved than that. Anytime he’s out there, if a ball’s entrance in his vicinity, he’s a threat.”

Where did a 6-foot, 202-pounder get his 4.37 speed in a 40?

“I contend me since we have been giving credit all along to his mom,” Sherman Gilbert said. “It’s time for me to start usurpation it, too.”

His son was calm articulate about a male of a moment. Gilbert was asked for his greeting when he listened Thursday night a Browns had drafted Manziel.

“I was on my approach behind to a hotel and listened his name, we consider my mom or somebody told me that we had Johnny Manziel,” he recalled. “So we let down a window and started screaming, ‘Cleveland Browns. Cleveland Browns. We’re here.’ I’m vehement to be on this team, and design zero though a best from him.”

As Gilbert detected Friday, it’s never a lifeless impulse in Johnny World.

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