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Census travels 2100km offshore

Census travels 2100km offshore

Everyone from travellers watchful for red-eye flights to those sleeping severe or critical some-more than 2000km off Australia’s seashore will be counted in a initial truly digital census.

About 24 million Australians and 10 million households will finish a five-year image of Australia on Tuesday night.

The furthest-flung domain enclosed is a Cocos (Keeling) Islands, 2129km off a seashore of Western Australia.

And a newest is Norfolk Island – it mislaid liberty final month – that sits roughly 1500km off a NSW coast.

“It’s not only islands that we count in Australian waters – ships, journey liners and offshore rigs are also included,” 2016 census module conduct Duncan Young said.

While they paint a little suit of Australia, Mr Young pronounced information from travellers, offshore workers and islanders was no reduction vital.

About 65 per cent of people are approaching to finish a census online, that will save taxpayers $100 million.

Paper forms are still available.

But aged residents who fear being fined $180 a day if they don’t accept their paper forms and lapse them on time have tangled a Australian Bureau of Statistics’ phone lines.

The ABS says fines are a singular and final resort, and that staff would revisit households that hadn’t returned a census from mid-August until late September.

Privacy groups have also slammed a census for a new process of gripping personal information for 4 years.


* Field staff transport by helicopter (sometimes drifting themselves) to cover people in remote locations.

* The many far-flung island enclosed is a Cocos [Keeling] Islands, that are 2129km from Western Australia. The newest is Norfolk Island, 1450km off a NSW coast.

* One staff member is obliged for an area 27 times a distance of Tasmania.

* National park rangers broach forms to hard-to-reach campers.

* Census staff attend hospitals and depart gates.

* The final census counted some-more than 12,800 people on ships and mining rigs.

* The longest-serving census staffer is 73. He’s worked on each image given 1966.

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