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Celtics’ breeze category will contribute, Danny Ainge says

Celtics’ breeze category will contribute, Danny Ainge says

President of basketball operations Danny Ainge doesn’t have any bewail of a Celtics’ choices in Thursday night’s NBA Draft — guards Marcus Smart during No. 6 and James Young during No. 17.

Ainge went on 98.5 The Sports Hub Friday morning to speak about a breeze and strike on mixed topics, including how he thinks Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley and Phil Pressey will filigree with a dual newest Celtics.

Why he likes Smart:

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I consider what we adore many about Marcus is many his competitiveness. He’s a extreme competitor, he’s an instigator. Strong, physical, prolonged arms, clever hands. we consider he has a possibility to be a unequivocally superb indicate guard.

On if Smart’s upbringing creates him tougher:

We looked into all a players, intensity draftees and delved low into their past and talked to many people concerned in their past. Marcus is a really intriguing immature man, a tough kid, left by a lot. we consider he has a intensity to be a illusory personality and player.

On what drafting Smart means for Rondo:

Nothing. Nothing. we consider Marcus and Rondo simply can be backcourt mates. we consider Marcus is a man that we felt could play with Rondo or Avery [Bradley] or Phil Pressey and play on a justice during a same time. … Marcis is prolonged adequate to ensure a tiny forward.

On what a breeze category means for Bradley’s future:

Nothing during all. We adore Avery each bit as most as we always have. You’ve got to have abyss and versatility. … We have room for everybody. we don’t consider … it means anything to [Rondo and Avery].

Did a Celtics done a large pull to get a No. 1 collect from a Cavaliers?

That’s a small bit over blown. We did try, though there was no genuine critical review as Cleveland was dynamic to take a No. 1 pick. It wasn’t most in a cards.

Would a Celtics have drafted core Joel Embiid if he was accessible during No. 6? (Embiid went to Philadelphia during No. 3.)

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Yes, we would’ve.

Did Embiid’s injuries make a Celtics shaken about presumably drafting him?

Sure. Yeah, it did.

On Embiid’s medical status:

He was not red-flagged, meaning, “Stay divided during all costs.” He was rated a small bit reduction than that with risk, though he was man that we were looking during had he fallen.

On a Celtics perplexing to land Minnesota’s Kevin Love:

I can’t speak about players underneath agreement with another team.

On if he thinks a Timberwolves will try to trade Love:

I don’t know a answer to that.

On because a Celtics drafted James Young over any other guards accessible during a time:

We consider that James is most younger and we consider he has a possibility to be a really finish player. There was a lot of players in a breeze that we liked, though James Young we did have ranked most aloft than where we drafted him. Young is strong, has prolonged arms, has always been a good shooter. He didn’t fire a round good in a initial partial of his initial career during Kentucky. James is one of those guys that looks like a shooter, doesn’t hesitate, can take a round to a hole strong. We consider he’s a two-way player, he can urge his position.

On a Celtics’ breeze class:

We are vehement about a dual guys we got, we consider they are top-10 guys. Don’t have expectations of them branch around a authorization … though personification a purpose in a successful team.

On either a front bureau will take a mangle for a subsequent week:

We’ll be behind during work currently in credentials for summer joining and giveaway group that starts Monday. This is a bustling time and this is no time to rest.

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