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Captain Humayun Khan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Captain Humayun Khan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Captain Humayun Khan died heroically in Iraq. (Screenshot from DNC live feed)

U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan was killed in Iraq in 2004 when a automobile blew adult after he told his battalion to mount back. He took 10 stairs brazen to check out a questionable automobile himself, saving a lives of a soldiers he supervised.

Captain Khan’s intrepidity was highlighted by Hillary Clinton on Jul 28 during a Democratic National Convention. His father, Khizr Khan, took a theatre with Khan’s mother, Ghazala Khan, and movingly described their son’s scapegoat for a United States.

At one point, Khizr Khan waved a duplicate of a U.S. Constitution and demanded that Republican hopeful Donald Trump respect a scapegoat of his son, who was a Muslim. Khan formerly told a Washington Post that he changed to America in a 1970s for “freedom and opportunity” given his local Pakistan was underneath battalion rule. Khan has continued criticizing Trump given a Convention, heading to a fight of difference with a Republican hopeful that has warranted Trump some-more controversy.

“Donald Trump, have we even review a Constitution? we will gladly lend we my copy,” he said. At another indicate in a speech, he said, “If it was adult to Donald Trump, [Humayun] never would have been in America. Donald Trump consistently smears a impression of Muslims. … He vows to build walls and anathema us from this country.”

Who is Humayun Khan?

Here’s what we need to know:

1. Humayun Khan Was Born in a United Arab Emirates But Came to a United States as a Child Taught Disabled Children How to Swim

A stage from a Democratic National Convention video introducing a debate of Captain Humayun Khan’s father, Khizr Kahn. (DNC)

The San Francisco Chronicle described Humayun Khan as “a clever and counsel immature man.” Humayun was lifted in Maryland, where he went to high school. He was described as “affable” and “driven,” pronounced The Chronicle. In high school, Humayun gave swimming lessons to infirm children and showed a singular clarity of early responsibility, his father told The Washington Post.

Although he was innate in The United Arab Emirates, Humayun Khan was of Pakistani heritage. The press recover about his wake said, “His colleagues and superiors remembered him for his courage, honesty, clarity of amusement and beauty while in a field, even underneath pressure. Captain Khan’s colleagues eulogized his model services and praised him for a care he supposing to his troops.” The Washington Post reported Khan had a partner during a time he died, Irene Auer, 24, of Amberg, Germany.

Khizr Khan said in his gathering speech, referring to Donald Trump, “Have we ever been to Arlington cemetery? Go demeanour during a graves of dauntless patriots who died fortifying a United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed zero and no one.”

A Muslim clergyman spoke during a wake about “the ethnically-diverse organisation that had come to compensate a respects to Captain Khan,” who was described in a recover as “one among a flourishing series of Pakistani Americans in a U.S. Army.” Almost 6,000 Muslims offer in a American military, with many in a Army, ABC News pronounced in 2015. ABC pronounced Muslims have fought for America in all vital wars, including a Civil War. Since Khan spoke during a convention, people have flocked to Humayun Khan’s grave and left flowers and records for his family.

2. Humayun Khan Enlisted in a U.S. Army After Graduating From a University of Virginia Read Books on Thomas Jefferson

Khizr Khan looks during a print of his son, Captain Humayun Khan, during a video introducing his debate during a Democratic National Convention. (DNC)

Humayun Khan was formulation to attend law propagandize before he enlisted in a U.S. Army, according to Vocativ. He was eventually promoted to a captain’s rank, and was reserved to lead an battalion association in Iraq, pronounced a news site.

According to The Chronicle, Humayun had enrolled in ROTC in college and graduated with a psychology degree. In Iraq, he served as a “counselor to soldiers” and wanted to “become an disciple for veterans” after he left Iraq, a journal said.

The Washington Post described how Khan reassured his mom that he would be safe. “Whenever we talked to him, we started to cry,” his mother, Ghazala Khan, removed to a newspaper. “He always pronounced to me, ‘Don’t worry. I’m safe.’”

Khizr Khan told The Washington Post that Humayun “was always reading books about Thomas Jefferson” and that Khizr mostly took Humayun to a Jefferson Memorial when he was small. According to Khan, Humayun “quoted Jefferson in his admissions essay” for college, “a line about leisure requiring vigilance,” pronounced The Washington Post.

Michael P. McHenry, late member of a LTC Army Nurse Corps, told Heavy that a ROTC buildings during a University of Virginia have a room dedicated to Humayun Khan. “I served as a Brigade Nurse Counselor for Eastern Region ROTC 2008/2009.and during that time we would revisit a University of Virginia to accommodate with all a ROTC Army Nurses there. we done it my business to accommodate a students in a ROTC buildings tiny room dedicated to Humayun Khan to make a indicate to them that leisure is not giveaway and also given we felt respected to lay in that room, it is a simple, smashing memorial. In a Army we have served with newcomer soldiers from China, Cameroon, Ireland, Russia and Pakistan. All served honorably and well.”

Khan was down to earth, kind and generous, according to those who served with him, CNN said. Sgt. Laci Walker told CNN that Khan done sandwiches for soldiers who worked by lunch and would try to strengthen them. He assimilated a Army to compensate for law school. “He came to a United States during 2-years-old; he was prepared here, brought adult here,” his father told CNN. “He was a clever follower of open service. And that was his mantra… Humayun was a best of this country…he was a best of America.”

3. Captain Khan Saved His Troops by Telling Them to Stay Back as He Went Forward to Investigate a Suspicious Vehicle

Hillary Clinton introduces Khizr Khan in a video honoring his depressed son during a Democratic National Convention. (DNC)

“Captain Khan told his battalion to get back, though he went forward. He took 10 stairs toward a car,” pronounced Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton in a video introducing Khan’s father, Khizr Khan’s, gathering speech. The automobile exploded, murdering Humayun Khan, though a rest of a battalion were saved given he stepped forward, pronounced Clinton.

According to a U.S. Department of Defense press release, Captain Humayun S. M. Khan, 27, of Bristow, Virginia, died Jun 8, 2004, in Baquabah, Iraq, “after a automobile packaged with an makeshift bomb device gathering into a embankment of his devalue while he was inspecting soldiers on ensure duty.” The recover says Khan was reserved to Headquarters Company, 201st Forward Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, from Vilseck, Germany.

According to Vocativ, 13 other American Muslims, in further to Khan, died while portion in a U.S. battalion in a 10 years following a Sept. 11, 2001, militant attacks.

4. Khan Was Posthumously Awarded a Purple Heart Bronze Star for His Heroics in Iraq

Humayun Khan’s father, Khizr Khan, waves a duplicate of a U.S. Constitution during his speech. (Getty)

Humayun Khan was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart posthumously, pronounced Clinton, and he was 27-years-old when he died. “’We still consternation what done him take those 10 steps,’ Khan’s father pronounced in a new interview,” Clinton added. “…All those things he schooled in this nation kicked in. It was those values that done him take those 10 steps.”

To a Washington Post, Khizr Khan called his son a “peacemaker,” observant that, during a 3 months he had been in Iraq, Capt. Khan grown a module to put “Iraqi civilians to work for $5 an hour patrolling a streets of Baquba underneath a U.S. Army.” Capt. Khan removed to The Post that his son pronounced to a Iraqis, “‘We’re here not to harm we though to assistance you.’”

Arlington Cemetery says that Capt. Khan “was laid to rest with full battalion honors. Captain Khan was a Pakistani American who served in a U.S. army as an ordnance officer, being a senior-most village member to die in Iraq.”

5. Khizr Khan Called Donald Trump ‘an Ignorant, Divisive Manipulator’ Said he Has a ‘Black Soul’ Ghazala Khan Wrote an Op-Ed Criticizing Trump

Khizr Khan and his mom vocalization during a Democratic National Convention. (Getty)

Khizr Khan, who came to America from Pakistan in a 1970s, told Vocativ, “Muslims are American, Muslims are citizens, Muslims attend in a contentment of this nation as American citizens.”

Khizr Khan, 65, who lives in Virginia, told The San Francisco Chronicle, “This is a nation too. This is not usually Donald Trump’s country. He is an ignorant, divisive manipulator, and by my summary we wish to communicate to him and to all Muslim Americans: This is a nation too.”

Trump has used Twitter to respond in part:

Khizr Khan is a authorised consultant who changed his family to a United Arab Emirates and afterwards to Boston, where he attended a master’s module in law during Harvard University, before settling in Virginia. The NBC associate in Khan’s hometown reported that Khan pronounced “he cherishes a values of this nation and wants to yield a voice toward a summary of unity, a concentration of Clinton’s campaign.”

The hire quoted Khan as observant that Humayun would be disturbed, if he were still alive, “because of a multiplication that one claimant continues to cause. And we contend this in his suggestion – he would mount with a many qualified, many uniting, many putting us together claimant contra a claimant that continues to rip us apart.”

ABC News says Trump is causing new debate by observant in an talk that “he had in fact sacrificed by contracting ‘thousands and thousands of people.’ He also suggested that Khan’s mom didn’t pronounce given she was banned to as a Muslim and questioned either Khan’s difference were his own.” A hashtag #TrumpSacrifices erupted on Twitter, with critics derisive Trump for ostensible sacrifices.

On Sunday, Jul 31, Khan doubled down on his critique of a Republican nominee. He told CNN that Trump has a “black soul,” and pronounced he hopes Trump’s family will “teach him some empathy.”

“He is a black soul, and this is totally non-professional for a care of this country,” Khan said, according to CNN. “The adore and love that we have perceived affirms that a grief — that a knowledge in this nation has been scold and positive. The universe is receiving us like we have never seen. They have seen a dark of his character, of his soul.”

Ghazala Khan also responded in an op-ed to Trump in The Washington Post, that read: “Donald Trump has asked since we did not pronounce during a Democratic convention. He pronounced he would like to hear from me. Here is my answer to Donald Trump: Because but observant a thing, all a world, all America, felt my pain. we am a Gold Star mother. Whoever saw me felt me in their heart.”

Trump caused some-more debate when he recounted being handed a Purple Heart by a male and joked Aug. 2 that he “always wanted” a Purple Heart, NBC said. According to NBC, Trump pronounced it was “much easier” to accept one from a believer than acquire a Purple Heart, that is given to use members who die or are injured. Asked about a comments, Khizr Khan told CNN that Trump didn’t offer and should give a Purple Heart back, adding, “I ask a care of a Republican Party. we ask them to reject this person, totally repel their support, and we ask a folks that are voting for them that this will make a weight on their demur when it comes a time to vote.”

According to, Khizr Khan “spent 7 years, from 2000 to 2007, in a Washington, D.C., bureau of then-Hogan Hartson. He served as a firm’s manager of lawsuit technology.” In 2008, American Lawyer reported that a opposite counsel “at Hogan Hartson has been Bill and Hillary Clinton’s go-to man for taxation recommendation given 2004.” On CNN, Khan doubtful accounts in regressive media that Khan’s law organisation website indicated an immigration business; he pronounced he had usually taken one or dual immigration cases given abounding clients went to other firms and pronounced that he wants tough confidence for those entrance into a country.

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