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Capital Playbook: De Blasio gets feverishness for Hillary calculation; John Seeley to …

Capital Playbook: De Blasio gets feverishness for Hillary calculation; John Seeley to …

By Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, and Mike Allen in D.C., with Daniel Lippman

DE BLASIO’S NON-ENDORSEMENT OF HILLARY CLINTON: TAKEAWAYS — Capital’s Dana Rubinstein: For a New York City mayor, it can be easier to be magnanimous nationally than locally. … [The non-endorsement] struck some people as surprising, given de Blasio worked in Bill Clinton’s dialect of housing and civic development, was selected by Hillary Clinton to conduct her initial Senate campaign, and was sworn into bureau by her husband. But faithfulness considerations aside, de Blasio’s comments were unconditionally unchanging with a inhabitant design he has crafted for himself as a standard-bearer for a party’s left, even as they were during contingency with his some-more useful proceed closer to home.

New York mag’s Chris Smith: “[De Blasio will] keep production ways to try to insert himself, and his streamer on-going issues, into a presidential campaign. The pretence is for a mayor to make himself into a constructive passage for a Democrats’ forefather left wing — instead of apropos a marginalized severe scold.”

— David Paterson, on Fox’s Good Day New York: “I’m not observant what he should have done. Everybody has to make adult their possess mind, and my mind is done up. I’m with Hillary. What I’m observant is, when we know somebody is using for president, we would consider we have that resolved by a time they announce. … If you’re determining to validate a candidate, that we would have that resolved by this time, given now, demeanour during what’s happened. It’s a distraction. … The whole thing adds adult to a daze to an differently good announcement. … now we’re articulate about this, instead of a issues.”


  • Conservative Party wants licence propagandize tip lifted
  • DiNapoli releases 2014 taxation returns
  • Appeals justice hears arguments on Alzheimer’s drug


— New Yorker’s John Cassidy: “De Blasio was good within his rights to take a neutral attitude—indeed, his on-going supporters would have demanded no less. Traditionally, a Clinton wing of a Democratic Party has emphasized compelling ‘opportunity’ over shortening inequality. As Lawrence Mishel, a boss of a magnanimous Economic Policy Institute, forked out in a blog post final week, that proceed has infrequently enabled centrist Democrats to ‘avoid opposed a tip 1 percent’s constraint of a lion’s share of income growth. After all, addressing exile executive compensate and a exile financial sector—the categorical causes of a tip 1 percent’s income gains—smacks of redistribution; and besides, those folks are their donor base.’ With Hillary and her staff about to strike adult hedge-fund managers, investment bankers, tech moguls, and other abounding folks for large discuss contributions, a guess lingers that, when it comes down to it, her discuss will punt, rather than directly confront, a confirmed problems of income and resources inequality.”

— Robert Gibbs to MSNBC’s Luke Russert: “I consider this is many some-more a energetic of a fact that there is fundamentally one large claimant and so a usually approach we have precedence over a discuss of one chairman is to wait and ask them to do and contend certain things along a way.”

N.Y. Post cover story “TRAITOR! Dem bigs blast Blas for Hill dis,” by Carl Campanile, Michael Gartland and Marisa Schultz: “A celebration source told The Post on Monday that Hizzoner has rankled a tip row so many that donors competence lift support for him when he’s adult for re-election. ‘Some of Hillary’s biggest bundlers are like, ‘WTF?’… A city Democratic insider pronounced he fielded mad calls and texts from Clinton’s people all day Monday, a day after de Blasio sniffed on NBC’s ‘Meet a Press’ that it was too early to validate any candidate. … [D]e Blasio … landed domestic jobs interjection to Clinton and her husband, Bill, and even served as discuss manager during her 2000 Senate bid. … A Clinton source scoffed: ‘He’s famous her for, like, 20 years! He doesn’t know what her truth of supervision is?’”

LATE NIGHT BEST – “[Jon] Stewart Mocks Hillary’s Announcement: ‘State Farm Commercial Gone Viral’” – video:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “She [was] operative on a on-going prophesy of health caring when Bill de Blasio was still smoking pot during NYU or wherever he went.” — Anthony Weiner to WSJ. (h/t Josh Dawsey).

STAT OF THE DAY: -17.8% — The diminution in field for NYPD examination final year, around amNY:

FRONT PAGES: Times: “Push to Reduce Total during Rikers Aims during Courts” — Post: “TRAITOR! Dem bigs blast Blas for Hill diss” — News: “WHO THE HILL ARE YOU?: ‘People’s champion’ Hillary pops into Chipotle — though no one recognizes her”

**A summary from a Regional Plan Association: REGIONAL PLAN ASSOCIATION ASSEMBLY ON APRIL 24 – Join us as streamer routine makers discuss tough choices confronting a New York civil region. Speakers include: First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris; U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara; Gov. Dan Malloy; Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen; Ford Foundation President Darren Walker. Apr 24, during a Waldorf-Astoria, NY. CLICK HERE to register to attend and view a full program. **

BUDGET VETOES—Capital’s Jimmy Vielkind: Governor Andrew Cuomo sealed a state’s check bills, though vetoed 148 lines in a state’s roughly $150 billion spending plan, including earmarks for onion investigate and joist burglary prevention. The many important halt was $22 million for a investigate core that was re=tasked for a stadium. The Daily News reported Monday that Cuomo would halt a item, and that a track is named for State Sen. Kenneth LaValle. The final state check bills upheld shortly after midnight on Apr 1, creation a spending devise technically late. The check contained several pots of income that critics derided as pork, and re-appropriated over 1,800 aged member equipment totaling $23 million. Cuomo nixed 118 of them. He pronounced 30 had been entirely paid, 31 concerned re-appropriations for reduction than $1,000, 42 were some-more than 7 years old, dual dealt with now-defunct organizations—including ACORN—and 13 were duplicates. Another fifty-six items, Cuomo said, were for appropriation supposing in other tools of a budget.

— Cuomo also vetoed $12.5 million to rehabilitate a former sanatorium in Binghamton.

— Here is a halt list:

CUOMO’S FAVORITE AIRPORT COMPANY—Capital’s Dana Rubinstein and Laura Nahmias: The association that transposed quick food with iPad-orderable tuna nicoise during New York airfield restaurants has quick turn a heavyweight in a New York domestic establishment. In a past year, a association famous as OTG (which stands for “on a go”) has hired dual of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tip aides. Since 2010, OTG has spent some-more than $269,500 on lobbyists, according to Reinvent Albany, a good-government group. The association and a C.E.O., Eric Blatstein, contributed some-more than $77,000 to Cuomo’s 2014 campaign, and also 100 iPads to a non-profit chaired by Cuomo’s sister.

SILVER SON-IN-LAW BUSTED IN PONZI SCHEME—New York Post’s Bruce Golding and Rich Calder: “A son-in-law of ashamed former Assembly orator Sheldon Silver was destitute by a feds Monday on charges he ran a $7 million Ponzi scheme. Marcello Trebitsch, who’s married to Silver’s daughter, Michelle Trebitsch, allegedly betrothed his victims double-digit earnings with really low risk before a fraud collapsed. Trebitsch claimed he would use investors’ income to buy large-cap bonds by Allese Capital LLC, a organisation he co-owns with his wife, who is a approved open accountant, according to a feds.”

$1M, FROM UNITED ARAB OF EMIRATES TO NYPD — The Intercept’s Murtaza Hussain and Eli Clifton: The New York City Police Foundation perceived a $1 million concession from a supervision of a United Arab Emirates, according to 2012 taxation records, a same volume a substructure eliminated to a NYPD Intelligence Division’s International Liaison Program that year, according to papers performed by The Intercept. … Conspicuously, while a financial institutions are listed as donors on a Police Foundation website, a UAE is absent notwithstanding being one of a largest contributors listed that year with a $1 million contribution.”

CAMERAS NOW — Councilman Jumaane Williams says all NYPD officers should be wearing inclination — Capital’s Azi Paybarah: Williams, chair of a City Council’s Task Force Against Gun Violence thinks questions about a camera record can be resolved later.

“We are not going to have it 100 percent scold when it’s time to launch this thing citywide. We can't wait for that. People are dying,” Councilman Jumaane Williams of Brooklyn pronounced in an interview. “So a choice is not better. The choice that we have to answer all these questions is not right. we consider a problem with carrying [the cameras] and creation certain we tweak it as we go along is many improved than a problem of people failing unarmed and people fibbing about what happened.” Questions remain: In New York City, a handful of officers are testing out a record as partial of a commander devise and there are skeleton to eventually have all NYPD officers wear cameras. Public Advocate Letitia James, who supports a use of physique cameras, has said there are unanswered questions about a devices, namely, who would have entrance to a video.

NO ERIC GARNER TALK IN NY-11 — WSJ’s Mara Gay: “The genocide of Eric Garner, and a grand jury’s preference not to accuse an officer in a case, led thousands of New Yorkers to criticism and bearing a city into a inhabitant discuss over policing and race. But on Staten Island, where Mr. Garner lived and died and where electorate are in a midst of a congressional race, a greeting has been different. Protests have been distant smaller. Staten Island is distant some-more white and some-more Republican than a rest of New York City. And Eric Garner’s name has been mostly absent from a discuss trail. … Mr. Garner’s name is occasionally spoken during rallies or events by Mr. Donovan or his Democratic challenger, Councilman Vincent Gentile. … Messrs. Donovan and Gentile declined to be interviewed for this article.”

NEW PROPERTY TAX REFUNDS — Capital’s Sally Goldenberg: The de Blasio administration has sensitively adopted a new routine of arising property-tax refunds to homeowners who are means to infer a mistake in their assessments–a new apparatus for discontented New Yorkers who can already plea their bills before a city Tax Commission. … ‘It’s partial of an altogether devise to turn some-more patron centric as an agency,’ he told Capital in a phone interview. “We’re perplexing to not usually demeanour during a taxpayer as a taxation complier; we’re looking during a taxpayer as a client, as a customer. Our job, if it was any business, would be to make certain that any patron is taken caring of.” Since implementing a new routine 8 months ago, a group has credited homeowners with a sum of $2.26 million in refunds, possibly in a form of reduced assessments or checks dating behind as distant as 2007, group staff said.

EAT BEAT — “10 Oyster Dishes That Go Way Beyond a Raw Bar,” by Grub Street’s Sierra Tishgart: “Broiled Oysters [at] Bowery Meat Company … Crispy Pork and Oyster Salad

[at] Kin Shop … Buffalo Fried Oysters [at] Greenpoint Fish Lobster Co. … Crispy Rappahannock Oysters [at] Minton’s … Grilled Oysters [at] King Bee … Pankora-Fried Oysters

[at] Annisa … Roasted Oysters [at] Almanac … Grilled Oysters [at] Jeffrey’s Grocery … Roasted Oysters [at] Blue Smoke … Oysters Bingo [at] Bar Bolinas.”

“11 Big Takeaways From This Year’s New York Culinary Experience,” by Grub Street’s Chris Crowley: “1. With seafood, uninformed isn’t indispensably better. … 2. Seaweed salt sea salt. … 3. The plantation courtesy is prepared to be disrupted. … 4. ‘Fine dining’ will develop into something really different, too. … 5. We’re in a golden age of a veggie burger. … 6. You wish François Payard subsequent to we when you’re creation chocolate. … 7. The subsequent good ingredient: coconut sugar? … 8. The hottest new cooking technique: freezing. … 9. Sometimes a many engaging dishes are a slightest ‘harmonious.’ … 10. Pat LaFrieda competence be streamer to a West Coast. … 11. There’s nonetheless another reason to stop hating on MSG.”

CITY HALL MOVES — Community Affairs Unit hires new arch of staff — Capital’s Gloria Pazmino: Arelis Hernandez Cruz assimilated a Bill de Blasio administration this week as Chief of Staff for a Community Affairs Unit, City Hall officials told Capital. Cruz, will be obliged for handling staff and a agency’s day to day operations. The Mayor’s Community Affairs territory serves as a couple between City Hall and residents around a 5 boroughs. The agency, led by Commissioner Marco Carrion works with precinct directors, internal reside associations, primogenitor groups, and other grassroots organizations in a city. Cruz, who lives in Brooklyn many recently worked as executive of overdo during a bureau of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and before worked as a module manager during a Clinton Foundation.

TRANSPO BEAT — Council members pushing giveaway Metrocards for CUNY students — amNY’s Dan Rivoli: “Councilmembers Ydanis Rodriguez and Inez Barron on Thursday will deliver a fortitude job on CUNY to put income in a subsequent check for giveaway MetroCards. ‘Our CUNY students are underneath a lot of highlight given they have to cover tuition, textbooks, child care, rent, food and other elementary necessities,’ pronounced Barron, who chairs a aloft preparation committee. ‘If we can offer MetroCards giveaway of allot to all CUNY students that would discharge a extensive burden.’ Rodriguez removed walking from his Inwood unit to a City College campus in Harlem when he was enrolled and incompetent to means transportation. ‘If we can be means to tell those kids we will have giveaway transportation, those few dollars that they have to spend’ can instead buy books or food during their school’s cafeteria, pronounced Rodriguez, who chairs a travel committee.”

— “Too Risqué for New York City’s Subways? Some Ads Test Limits,” by Times’ Emma G. Fitzsimmons: “One design depicts a lady groan in a ardent embrace. Another shows a eye-catching formula of a breast enhancement. A third promotes extra-large condoms. Advertisers have prolonged pushed bounds with provocative ads to constraint a courtesy of riders in New York’s transport system. But not prolonged ago, one went too far.

The association that sells transport ads recently objected to a design of a pantsless lady with her legs wrapped around a shirtless man. The relocating association behind a due ad promoted a efforts to strengthen personal skill with a tagline, ‘Always have protection.’”

SPEED READ — “New Plan to Shrink Rikers Island Population: Tackle Court Delays,” by Times’ Michael Schwirtz and Michael Winerip: “There is singular accord among invalid advocates and alleviation officials that a surest approach to repair a Rikers Island jail formidable is to dull it. While Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York is not prepared to go that far, he and a state’s arch decider will deliver a devise on Tuesday to gradually revoke a invalid race during Rikers by clearing a backlogs during state courts, a slot of determined supervision dysfunction that has prolonged undone alleviation efforts. Such backlogs can keep people sealed divided for hundreds of days while they wait trial. As of late March, over 400 people had been sealed adult for some-more than dual years though being convicted of a crime, according to city information that is to be expelled publicly for a initial time. And there are now a half-dozen people during Rikers who have been watchful on tentative cases for some-more than 6 years.”

–“Homeless Dept. Bought $429 Chairs and $3K TVs While Shelters Crumbled,” by DNAinfo’s Katie Honan: “The Department of Homeless Services has revamped a reduce Manhattan domicile and purchased dozens of iPads, $429 chairs and pricey 3-D televisions for a employees … The purchases, partial of a $600,000 upgrade, come amidst a sardonic news that found city-run shelters have ‘serious deficiencies.’ The city group began renovations to a 33 Beaver St. core final summer, that enclosed formulating incomparable discussion bedrooms … The renovations came as a series of people vital in city shelters reached an all-time high, 54,841 people, including some-more than 23,000 children, as of Aug. 12, 2014, according to DHS.”

MEDIA MORNING—Per Capital Media Pro: Newsweek has hired John Seeley as weekend editor, he announced on Twitter. Seeley, a former emissary editor of now-defunct publication a New York Sun, was a initial editor of The Wall Street Journal’s “Greater New York” section.

REAL ESTATE — “Not so fast: City Council says there’s no landmark check in a works,” by Crain’s Andrew J. Hawkins: City Council is backtracking on a due check that would deliver already-existing legislation. The surplus bill, due by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and 3 legislature members, would need landlords to surprise tenants of a building’s landmarked status. This due movement is already law, sealed into movement in Dec 2016. “There is no legislation being introduced during this time,” a mouthpiece for Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito told Crain’s. “The legislature has a consummate vetting routine for that legislative requests indeed get introduced, and that includes checking for potentially duplicative laws.”

–“Sapir bests Kalisman for Mondrian SoHo,” by a Post’s Louis Weiss and Josh Kosman: “Billionaire Alex Sapir and partner Rotem Rosen finally succeeded on Monday in removing Jason Kalisman to check out of a Mondrian SoHo. A Manhattan decider ruled that Sapir and Rosen’s ASRR Capital had a right to mangle a long-term understanding Kalisman’s Morgans Hotel Group had to conduct a Mondrian. ASRR and Morgan had been fighting over supervision of a adorned downtown hotel given Sapir bought a 263-room operation out of foreclosure — with Kalisman claiming unsuccessfully that a agreement couldn’t be broken.”

–“New incarnation of Pearl River Mart in works?” by Crain’s Adrianne Pasquarelli: “There competence be a second section for Pearl River Mart, a Chinese dialect store famous for a inexpensive nonetheless heterogeneous wares. Last week, Crain’s reported that Pearl River would be shutting a 30,000-square-foot SoHo plcae during a finish of a year given of a fivefold lease increase. Since a news, Ching Yeh Chen, Pearl River’s president, who owns a store with her husband, Ming Yi Chen, has perceived large calls from brokers and genuine estate developers anticipating to continue a Pearl River legacy. Some developers have even charity to combine with Pearl River, she said, disappearing to elaborate.”

THE HOME TEAMS — Capital’s Howard Megdal: Knicks 112, Hawks 108: Langston Galloway done all 6 three-point attempts and Jason Smith scored 20, combined 9 rebounds and 5 assists AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME. With a win, a Timberwolves changed forward of a Knicks for a misfortune record in a league. The Sixers, by losing, have a shot during restraining a Knicks as well. They could dump to as low as third-likeliest group to get a tip pick. Goodbye, ping pong balls. Here’s anticipating a Timberwolves like Karl Towns some-more than destiny Knicks core Jahlil Okafor.

— Bulls 113, Nets 86: The deteriorate was on a line, and a definitely befuddling Nets hardly showed up. The Pacers now control Brooklyn’s playoff destiny.

— Mets 2, Phillies 0: Jacob deGrom outpitched Aaron Harang, with a Mets accumulating adequate offense to win their home opener.

— Yankees 6, Orioles 5: Chris Young, Mark Teixeira and Stephen Drew all homered.

— The day ahead: Matt Harvey’s initial home start given 2013. 7:10. Citi Field. The Yankees play in Baltimore.

HILLARYWATCH — “Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Pit Stop during Chipotle in Ohio During Presidential Roadtrip,” by ABC News’ Erin Dooley and Jason Volack: “Hillary Clinton, who has embarked on a roughly 1,000 mile highway outing after rigourously announcing her presidential bid on Sunday, was speckled during a Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio [Monday] afternoon…. [N]o one famous Clinton, who was wearing sunglasses.The newly-minted presidential claimant systematic a duck play with guacamole, a duck salad and fruit juice.” With a pic:

–“The energy players behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign: A beam to some of a many successful players in her 2016 presidential bid,” by Politico’s Katie Glueck:

“Hillary Clinton’s 404 Error Page Is Perfection,” by HuffPost’s Alexis Kleinman:

–“Clinton aides strech out to supporters, though offer little,” by Politico’s Gabriel Debenedetti: “As Clinton jumped into a outpost streamer from her home in Chappaqua, New York, to Iowa for her initial discuss stop … her aides hold during slightest half-a-dozen discussion calls with supporters, celebration operatives, former staffers and inaugurated officials to discharge articulate points and assure a early-state activists that Clinton takes them seriously. Those on a receiving finish were anticipating for more. ‘I can’t trust we missed ‘Game of Thrones’ for this,’ pronounced one Democrat who sat by a 9:30 p.m. Eastern call for former Clinton staffers.”

“Hillary Clinton’s highway from riches: The outpost outing was good domestic theater, though it reflects a deeper tragedy in her message,” by Politico’s Glenn Thrush: “Making a transition from a jet-set ubiquitous idol who dripping adult seven-figure book advances and $200,000 discuss fees to a populist pocketbook Democrat is not a elementary one — in many ways it’s a singular biggest plea faced by her nascent campaign, that is struggling to vitalise a Democratic core and grass-roots donor base, and is vigilant on fighting mercantile inequality. … Kevin Madden … [said:] “Hillary Clinton doesn’t eat during Chipotle, we know that. So do normal electorate … ‘Hello, bland people! we am here to sup among we in this fast-food establishment!’”

“Hillary Clinton embraces tiny donors in early fundraising,” by Anna Palmer and Tarini Parti: “Money won’t buy a pretension in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. The former secretary of state isn’t fixing a financial chair in her latest bid for a White House … The pierce is partial of a incomparable devise of perplexing to say a nimble discuss structure and equivocate a mistakes of her 2008 bid when she was criticized for building out a large and overpaid staff.”

“Hillary Clinton starts tiny in Iowa as her immeasurable inhabitant network whirs to life,” by WashPost’s Philip Rucker and Matea Gold: “Behind a scenes … a immeasurable network Hillary and Bill Clinton have cultivated over 4 decades in politics is whirring behind to life to build a behemoth prepared to final distant over a Democratic primaries. It will be a largest operation ever mustered by a Clintons, designed to contest in what is approaching to be a many costly presidential choosing in U.S. history. … Already, an ‘overwhelming’ volume of income has come in around a discuss Web site.”

TICK TOCK — “Clinton’s second act: Her prolonged highway to 2016 decision,” by AP’s Julie Pace: “When she left a State Department in early 2013 and returned to private life for a initial time in some-more than dual decades, Clinton told people she usually wanted to ‘walk, nap and eat.’ She was some-more focused on renting bureau space and reckoning out where to accept her mail than on superPAC fundraising and courting Iowa powerbrokers … Her preference to run again would be slow, roughly painstakingly deliberate, a thoughtfulness of Clinton’s routine and discreet nature. She put off many of a routine until final fall, around a midterm elections. Only afterwards did she excavate deeply into consultations with dozens of routine and domestic experts, research of large memos, and a reexamination of what went wrong in her unsuccessful 2008 campaign.”

PETER BEINART on, “An Unabashedly Liberal Hillary Clinton”: “Every presidential discuss is a gamble on a American mood during a given impulse in time. we watched Hillary Clinton’s presidential proclamation video alongside a one she released in 2007, and a discuss she gave dogmatic her parliament candidacy in New York in 2000. The upshot: America, as seen by Hillary and a people advising her, is a lot serve left than it was a decade or dual ago.

Here are some of a phrases that seemed in Hillary’s 2000 parliament announcement: ‘voluntary uniform rating complement for cinema and films,’ ‘welfare,’ ‘more military on a streets,’ ‘teacher contrast in a face of boycotts,’ ‘I don’t trust supervision is a resolution to all a problem.’”

JACK SHAFER, “Hillary Clinton is a Apple Watch of 2016”: “If we start to consider of a presidential discuss kickoff as an Apple product launch, well, a mainstay roughly writes itself. In both cases, any genuine torment about a claimant (let’s call her Hillary) or a new product (let’s call it a Apple Watch) has been vacated by uninterrupted press coverage, distributed leaks and common clarity weeks before a tangible proclamation finally arrives.Candidates and product launches, therefore, contingency count on a cunning of museum to kindle seductiveness in their offering.”

RON FOURNIER in National Journal, “Of Two Minds on Hillary Clinton: Why I’m straddling a blockade about my favorite Clinton.”: “Whatever cliché we allot to it, I’m partial of a one-fourth coalition—millions of Americans who, notwithstanding all we know about Clinton (strike that: given of all we know about her), are of dual minds.Mind 1: Outside a open eye, she seems funny, warm, smart, vulnerable, and authentic. An Everywoman. When will she uncover America a genuine Hillary?Mind 2: The open eye is a usually one we’ve got. What it sees is forced and guarded, and there’s that chewing clarity of desert exhibited in her paid speeches, conflicts of interest, and email shenanigans. A pol. What if this is a genuine Hillary?”

COFFEE BREAK — “NYFW ditching stylish Lincoln Center for ‘dirty’ Midtown West,” by Post’s Amber Sutherland and Lia Eustachewich: “The Spring 2016 uncover is relocating from landmark Lincoln Center to grungy West Midtown, during a Moynihan Station, that houses a city’s ubiquitous post bureau during West 33rd Street and Ninth Avenue, according to Women’s Wear Daily.The direct area is a distant cry from Fashion Week’s prior stylish digs during Lincoln Center – though designers like Rag Bone and 3.1 Phillip Lim have hold shows during a post bureau before, Racked New York reported. Long Island proprietor Latoya Monach called a new plcae right opposite from Penn Station a ‘dirty 30s’ and pronounced there are always tons of ‘shifty characters’ sneaking around.”

#UpstateAmerica: In Buffalo, a drifting manhole cover caused by an subterraneous electrical fire.

**A summary from a Regional Plan Association: REGIONAL PLAN ASSOCIATION ASSEMBLY ON APRIL 24 – Join us as streamer routine makers discuss tough choices confronting a New York civil region. Speakers include: First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris; U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara; Gov. Dan Malloy; Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen; Ford Foundation President Darren Walker. Apr 24, during a Waldorf-Astoria, NY. CLICK HERE to register to attend and view a full program. **



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