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Can Texas and Oklahoma work together in Big 12 expansion?

Can Texas and Oklahoma work together in Big 12 expansion?

The Big 12 says it’s going to enhance past a stream 10-school membership, and a politics behind a preference could spin uncanny quickly.

ESPN’s Jake Trotter has an engaging new article. In it, he writes about a intensity energetic between a Big 12’s many absolute schools. Oklahoma has a eye on BYU as a tip enlargement candidate. A Sooner-led pull to supplement BYU could be closely intertwined with a Texas-led expostulate to supplement Houston. But we also already knew OU substantially wants Cincinnati as well.

When Texas’ university boss came out in support of “considering” Houston for a Big 12, apparently for domestic reasons, it came as a surprise. Conventional knowledge has prolonged hold that Texas wouldn’t be meddlesome in compelling another in-state recruiting rival.

The Longhorns haven’t publicly endorsed adding Houston, yet they certain seem interested. When Texas Tech followed suit, it was even some-more surprising, since a Red Raiders are a smaller module and mount to remove some-more in recruiting by a betterment of another Power 5 Texan. The politicians are onboard, too. TCU and Baylor haven’t done open comments..

Could Oklahoma and Texas do some equine trading?

To supplement a new member, 8 of 10 Big 12 schools need to opinion in preference of a inclusion.

Oklahoma and Texas are powerful, and they’ve prolonged been suspicion to authority a courtesy of geographic Big 12 voting blocs, with the Longhorns wrangling many of a league’s 3 other Texan schools and a Sooners being a longtime many outspoken proponents of expansion.

It isn’t tough to suppose a unfolding in that Texas boss Greg Fenves whips support for BYU’s inclusion and, in return, Oklahoma boss David Boren delivers votes for Houston.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby has pronounced a joining could enhance by possibly dual or 4 teams, or maybe zero during all.

Oklahoma also wants Cincinnati, and that’d make three. But anything some-more than dual competence open another can of enlargement worms even more.

The Big 12 has dual TV partners: ABC/ESPN and FOX.

The approach a league’s contracts with a TV providers are drawn up, a networks need to compensate proportional increases to a Big 12 for each new member. Based on stream terms, that translates to an additional $25 million or so per year for each addition.

Because a Big 12’s extend of media rights to ESPN and Fox runs by 2025, that would meant adult to $800 million in new income from ESPN and Fox if a joining stretched by 4 teams. Two-team enlargement would cost about $400 million. The networks are reportedly unfortunate about all this.

Here’s ESPN’s Trotter:

If a Big 12 pulls a trigger on expansion, one chance a networks would have would be to ask an prolongation to a extend of rights, to during slightest benefit long-term confidence for a league’s live content. Recently, ESPN concluded with a ACC on a network, that will launch in 2019. In exchange, ESPN got a ACC to pointer an prolongation of a extend of rights by 2035-36.

The disproportion with a Big 12 is that ESPN and Fox, contractually, have zero to precedence a discussion for a extend of rights prolongation — a $25 million-per-school increases are already in a contract.

On this one, ESPN and Fox can usually ask and hope.

Several Big 12 members’ interests substantially would align with a networks’.

A vital duty of a extend of rights is to forestall any propagandize from collecting TV income from another joining until a aged conference’s understanding expires. From there, a longer extend of rights binds a Big 12 together. And for schools like Iowa State or Kansas State (which competence not have a place to land in a Power 5 if a Big 12 dissolved), a some-more fast a Big 12 is, a better.

The networks would substantially rather not compensate out vast sums to a Big 12. But if they do, a pledge they won’t remove a skill altogether wouldn’t be a bad consolation.

It’s going to be tough for everybody to get what they want.

Texas could assistance get votes for BYU, and Oklahoma could do a same for Houston, and a networks could settle for two-team enlargement that costs a lot yet not as most as 4 teams.

That would need Oklahoma to scapegoat a Cincinnati goal, or maybe to barter a Bearcats for BYU. It could also cost a networks a lot of money.

Another choice is four-team expansion, yet how would a Big 12 lessen a networks’ concerns about costs?

Or, zero of this could happen, even yet a Big 12 has announced it’s about to expand. This has already been going on perpetually anyway.

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