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California woman’s counsel says it was collision when she plowed into …

California woman’s counsel says it was collision when she plowed into …

The profession for a 56-year-old lady indicted in a deaths of 4 people, including a 6-year-old boy, pronounced it was an collision when she ran her automobile into scarcely a dozen pedestrians outward a California church, describing her as someone who “does not live her life recklessly.”

“Two days ago, 3 days ago, people that knew her couldn’t trust that she’d be in this situation,” pronounced Jeffrey Gray, profession for Margo Bronstein.

Gray pleaded not guilty on Bronstein’s interest Friday to 4 depends of sum vehicular killing and one count of pushing underneath a change of a drug causing injury.

Bronstein was wheeled into justice on a gurney. She was propped adult with pillows and spoke usually to her lawyer.

A decider systematic her hold on $500,000 bail, a volume requested by prosecutors.

Gray told a decider a collision was an accident, and not intentional.

Outside court, Gray urged people not to burst to conclusions, observant a outcome of toxicology tests were not nonetheless accessible and a means of a occurrence was still unclear.

He pronounced possibilities such as a malfunction of her specifically versed car, that has hand-controlled brakes, or an inauspicious greeting to her prescribed remedy had not been ruled out.

“My regard is there tends to be a lot of, roughly a host genius about this case,” Gray said. “It’s a tragedy. It’s not satisfactory to Miss Bronstein, it’s not satisfactory to a decedents’ families to speculate.”

He pronounced she was brought to justice on a gurney given she had been harmed in a collision and given of disabilities she has had given birth.

Five children and 8 adults, including a think and a motorist of another car, suffered injuries such as damaged bones, abrasions and conduct mishap in a pile-up Wednesday after a tyro Christmas unison during St. James Catholic Church in Redondo Beach, military said.

Samuel Gaza, 6, died late Thursday during a hospital.

Three adults died earlier, including a boy’s mother, Martha Gaza, 36; along with Mary Anne Wilson, 81; and Saeko Matsumura, 87, all of Torrance.

Officials pronounced they do not have information joining Bronstein to any before arrests or DUI-related incidents.

She had a ideal pushing record though was limited to pushing a car with palm brakes, an additional right-side counterpart and adequate signaling device, according to Department of Motor Vehicle records.

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