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Business With Business To Business Marketplace
Business to Business

Business With Business To Business Marketplace

Business and the online marketplace is for anyone intending to sell goods or services to B2B via Internet marketing and direct sales to the to targeted consumers.  Here are things that you should know.  Marketing general principles are similar.   There are some differences that may damage your marketing efforts if it isn’t taken into consideration.  The down side is unless you know marketing you may miss the most important elements that could either make you or break your business contacts and profits.  The good news is that in some respects, for companies selling goods and services is easier than selling to consumers and the profits are very often at the start can be great.

Businesses do not tend to ‘window shop’, but have focus, targets and generally a time frame which they follow.  For them time is money and not a luxury to squander on visiting 100 sites for a product or service.  They know that the product or service is precisely what they are looking for or else they generally don’t waste time.  This is very different from the average consumer that has time on their hands and may not have the money, may not be in the buying mindset, or may just need to do a little ‘tire kicking’ without purchasing.   Most marketers say that it takes as many as five contacts before a consumer purchases.  This number is much less in business to business market.  It’s not to say that  you should avoid consumers as a group, just know that decision making and purchasing may take more time.

As mentioned earlier, when serving a consumer base, their process generally requires detailed information to explain the features and benefits.  Some repetition is also necessary in marketing to consumers that have not purchased the particular previously.  A helpful marketing device is review on your site or blog.  These explain specifications, comparisons, and give important feedback so that your time can be used to sell them, not to education.  You become the authority with your review that gains their trust so that you close the deal.  The same principle applies to B2B Internet Marketing but the beneficial effects is that the businesses do not like to change vendors as a general rule, as long as they are getting high quality goods or services.  Once you establish your business as their resource, they will almost never stray.  That is to say that they become loyal fans.

It is important for your business to focus your marketing efforts on e-mail marketing as well.  Make sure that you add an appropriate ‘Call to Action’ on any literature that your business clients or consumers view.  Remember it often takes up to 5 contacts to close the sale.  Make your clients feel special by offering V.I.P. offerings, Buy It Now offerings, and other specialty discounts for your loyal clients.  Maintain your professionalism and always look good.  Show your interest by being interested, not only in your products and services that you wish them to purchase but, also topics your business and customers  are interested.  Once again it converts your businesses and customers into loyal fans, so that you can spend less money getting them, and more money serving them.  Isn’t that the real reason, besides the money that you are in business.  Empathy and professionalism go hand in hand when aspiring to be the best and most success you can be.

If you sell to companies that you know you very well and make sure that all of your B2B marketing efforts on the Internet are focused and well directed.  Keep in mind that you can fill the needs of businesses that know you as well as consumers that are learning about you.

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