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Bullied 16-year-old Edgar Hernandez loses 200 pounds, Completes Marathon

Bullied 16-year-old Edgar Hernandez loses 200 pounds, Completes Marathon

Everyone in 16-year-old Edgar Hernandez’s family had a weight problem. His relatives also grown form 2 diabetes in their forties. But Edgar’s box was a biggest concern.

The news of he being a pre-diabetic came as a startle for a 16-year-old. Edgar lives in a suburb of St. Louis and is now 18.

Edgar was 370 pounds and couldn’t mount to demeanour during himself. His mom was into tears during a doctor’s bureau when a news broke. This strike him a hardest.

It was unequivocally tough being a fat kid, though things started removing worse for him in high school. His plumpness led Edgar him to depression. He was frequently bullied in gym class.

“I attempted my best to omit it. But there were times when we usually gave in and started crying,” pronounced Edgar.

His comparison hermit Mario says, “He would eat dual unequivocally large burritos or sandwiches a day, packaged with cheese, green cream, a lot of bread, butter. He would be examination TV, personification video games.”

His blood exam was an eye opener for him. Then he motionless to take shortcoming of a bad things function to him. “It was time to stop blaming others for my choices and make a choice to take responsibility,” he said.

Edgar pulled adult his sleeves and started practice regime. Now, a 5-foot-9 in. edgar has forsaken scarcely 200 pounds. He now weighs 185 pounds.

Now he has left his double-XL shirts and stretch 48 pants for middle T-shirts and 33-inch pants.

Losing a additional kilos was not an easy charge for Edgar. All started really slowly…but all of us know ‘slow and solid wins a race’.

16-year-old Edgar Hernandez obesity

In Nov 2012, Edgar started with a gut-impulse jog. Then he started walking before or after school. As he could, he combined stretch until he was walking about dual miles a day. He started to incorporate using intervals until, months later, he could run a full mile.

And shortly his tough work started profitable off.

Edgar has not usually remade himself though has also desirous his hermit Mario to join a aptness regime.

“If we would have told me 3 years ago that he’d be using a half-marathon, we wouldn’t trust you. You see a totally opposite chairman that’s a lot happier, has some-more appetite and is some-more active,” Mario said.


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