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Brock Osweiler tops 2016’s biggest free-agent flops

Brock Osweiler tops 2016’s biggest free-agent flops

The commencement of each joining year brings newfound wish in a form of maestro giveaway agents. Whether your group is rebuilding a register or adding a few blank pieces for a playoff run, a distillate of proven talent promises that this year will be improved than a last.

That’s a approach free-agent acquisitions are sole in March. By a time Nov rolls around, NFL fans are reminded of a reasons those players were deemed unessential by their former teams. More mostly than not, exchanging teammates, coaches and schemes leads to emptied expectations.

There are also a unfortunate re-signings, guys who inked a new agreement with a same aged group … before personification during a turn that induces present buyer’s remorse.

With all of that in mind, let’s inspect this year’s tip free-agent flops:

1) Brock Osweiler, QB, Houston Texans: Nine games into his Texans career, Osweiler represents one of a trickiest authorization doubt marks in a league. After scapegoating Brian Hoyer and billing Osweiler as a savior this past offseason, Houston ranks 30th in offense while a quarterback ranks passed final in Pro Football Focus’ grades and Gregg Rosenthal’s meticulously curated QB Index. A logging Osweiler has nonetheless to denote a accuracy, margin vision, slot transformation and streamlined smoothness of a authorization player. By any measure, he represents a transparent hillside on Hoyer.

How cryptic has Osweiler been? He’s entrance off one of a least-efficient three-game stretches in complicated history. In fact, Lamar Miller is averaging some-more yards per rush try (4.65) than Osweiler has averaged per pass try (4.29) over a past 3 weeks. At 5.8 YPA, Case Keenum is a closest to Osweiler’s futility level given Week 7. The Rams have turned to No. 1 altogether breeze pick Jared Goff as Keenum relief. The Texans, meanwhile, are stranded with a $72 million boondoggle.

2) Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, New York Jets: It was revelation that not a singular NFL group was peaceful to compensate Fitzpatrick some-more than backup-quarterback income after he constructed one of a best statistical seasons in authorization history. The Jets could have pulled a block on their prolonged offseason deadlock with Fitzpatrick by signing a quarterback of identical talent and production, such as Hoyer. Instead, they attempted to fist one some-more deteriorate out of an aging roster, anticipating Fitzpatrick could repeat his 2015 Fitzmagic.

For $12 million, a Jets purchased a league’s interception leader, benched once for Geno Smith and expected to be remaindered shortly in preference of a tender devise in Bryce Petty. Fitzpatrick’s Week 5 touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall ideally encapsulates a maze he presents as an NFL starting quarterback. It was an underthrown pass that should have been intercepted — a possibility many vigilance callers wouldn’t even try — yet his power-forward receiver bailed him out by jumping over a tip of cornerback Ross Cockrell to combat a round free. That’s not a recipe for long-term success.

3) Coby Fleener, TE, New Orleans Saints: When a Saints lured Fleener to a Big Easy with a five-year, $36 million deal, he was billed as a playmaking ascent on over maestro Ben Watson. Fleener was ostensible to make sorcery with Drew Brees, terrorizing defenses down a join while job to mind a serene days of Jimmy Graham.

Needless to say, that has nonetheless to happen. After unwell to find a rapport with Brees in training camp, Fleener took a backseat to a wide-receiver contingent of Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas and Willie Snead early in a season. Since a Week 5 bye, he has depressed even serve in a pecking order, losing snaps to Josh Hill. A group fielding a perennially bad invulnerability can’t means to be throwing income during afterthoughts on offense.

4) Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson, OTs, Denver Broncos: While a rest of a football universe sounded a alarm bells during quarterback, ubiquitous manager John Elway prioritized his descent line in giveaway agency. Okung and Stephenson were sealed as book-end tackles, billed as vital improvements over a 2015 twin of Ryan Harris and Michael Schofield. That hasn’t been a case.

Stephenson has been one of a league’s slightest effective right tackles, earning a Week 10 forgiveness benching during a hands of disruptive Saints defensive finish Cameron Jordan. Okung hasn’t been many better, committing too many penalties while allowing unchanging pressure. Against a New Orleans pass rush that is frequency calamity fuel, Trevor Siemian was sacked 6 times, strike 6 some-more times and pressured on 22 of 48 dropbacks. The run restraint has been usually as inconsistent, disintegrating for prolonged stretches of a season. Elway was right: The descent line has been some-more of a rival waste than a neophyte quarterback.

5) Chris Ivory, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortles’ shocking regression has overshadowed Jacksonville’s disappointing, 26th-ranked backfield. Signed divided from a Jets, Ivory was handed north of $6 million per year to element T.J. Yeldon as a red-zone arms and between-the-tackles battering ram.

After blank a initial dual games with an emergency medical condition, Ivory hasn’t been a same ferocious, tackle-breaking appurtenance we’re used to saying early in a season. He’s found paydirt usually once this year while averaging usually 38 yards per game. Like a rest of Jacksonville’s ballyhooed free-agent class, Ivory hasn’t played adult to his contract.

6) Robert Griffin III, QB, Cleveland Browns: To quote Around The NFL‘s proprietor wordsmith, Marc Sessler, a Browns entered a offseason wanting a authorization quarterback “like a Earth needs a sun.” Rather than hitching his star to a splendid prospect such as Carson Wentz, new manager Hue Jackson was convinced by a private Mar examination with an allegedly rejuvenated Griffin. “It felt like the Earth changed underneath my feet,” Jackson apparently exclaimed during one point.

Incumbent starter Josh McCown wasn’t afforded a satisfactory shot underneath Jackson, as Griffin was shoehorned into a QB1 purpose after churned reviews in offseason practices. The NFL’s many reckless, frail quarterback lasted usually one diversion in Cleveland before a shoulder emanate sent him to harmed reserve. Jackson has cycled by passers ever since, personification 4 opposite quarterbacks (plus Terrelle Pryor) while still seeking his initial win with a Browns.

7) Dwayne Allen, TE, Indianapolis Colts: We’ve been waiting 4 years now for Allen to rise into a Pro Bowl-caliber parsimonious end, an item as a receiver as good as a blocker. When a Colts authorised Fleener to walk, they re-signed Allen to a four-year, $29.4 million deal in hopes that he would finally strech his intensity in an offense shifting to some-more one-tight finish sets.

Allen is being paid like he’s Delanie Walker. Instead, he stays injury-prone and inconsistent, outplayed by undrafted (in 2013) Jack Doyle — a some-more arguable and devoted opening for Andrew Luck.

8) Arian Foster, RB, Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins can’t assistance themselves; they are bending on free-agent veterans with marquee names who have outlasted their vanishing games. Even yet a Texans castoff had shown zero to make one trust he could sojourn healthy and prolific during age 30, manager Adam Gase was determined to underline Foster in his new offense.

The loyal fault wasn’t shelling out income for Foster. It was blocking a path of Jay Ajayi, who has proven to be a prototypical energy behind able of carrying an offense and gripping a invulnerability off a field. Would Miami’s four-game winning strain be a six-game strain had a Dolphins resisted a dalliance with Foster and saddled adult Ajayi progressing in a season?

9) Andre Smith, OT, Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings had a right idea: import maestro maulers such as Smith and Alex Boone, thereby unleashing Adrian Peterson behind a vigourous descent line, ideally complementing a inhuman defense. They usually picked a wrong player. Struggling to kick out an impressed T.J. Clemmings during right tackle, Smith was a guilt for a month before going down with a season-ending triceps injury.

About that devise for a widespread belligerent attack? Minus Peterson and their tip 3 tackles, a Vikings are averaging a handicapped 2.7 yards per carry. The final time an NFL group failed to strech 3.0 yards per carry for a whole deteriorate was 1994.

10) Rueben Randle, WR, Philadelphia Eagles: Attempting to fill a vivid need for an gifted receiver able of stretching a margin outward a numbers and down a middle, a Eagles sealed Randle divided from a division-rival Giants on a one-year prove-it agreement with $500,000 in guarantees. Randle arrived carrying a reputation as a messy track runner with a gusto for tardiness in group meetings.

By a time preseason movement rolled around, Randle was holding slam from a internal media for a miss of effort. The Eagles soon cut Randle during a finish of training camp, withdrawal rookie Carson Wentz with Jordan Matthews and a passel of dangerous second fiddles during far-reaching receiver. By a trade deadline, ubiquitous manager Howie Roseman was perplexing to pry Torrey Smith away from a 49ers in an bid to seaside adult an underperforming wide-receiver corps.

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