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Boston Celtics Daily Dish: Are You Kidd-ing Me?

Boston Celtics Daily Dish: Are You Kidd-ing Me?

Good Sunday morning, Boston Celtics fans!!!

Let’s usually burst right in a H2O here: what a ruin is wrong with Jason Kidd?  I arise adult this morning to review that he attempted to brag his approach adult a sequence of authority in a Brooklyn Nets organization?  After one so-so deteriorate as conduct coach?


A joining source told The Post Kidd recently approached tenure with a array of demands, including a purpose of overseeing a Nets’ basketball operations dialect in further to his head-coaching responsibilities. The source pronounced Kidd didn’t wish ubiquitous manager Billy King to be dismissed, though wanted to be given a pretension and placed above him in a organizational hierarchy.

Ownership declined to extend Kidd that kind of power, that is singular for any manager in a joining to have. The source pronounced tenure felt Kidd wasn’t prepared for that kind of shortcoming after carrying usually one year of coaching knowledge — a organisation finished his initial deteriorate on a dais with a 44-38 record, good for sixth in a Eastern Conference — and authorised Kidd to find other opportunities.

Okay . . . so now Jason Kidd wants an talk with a Milwaukee Bucks?  Who already have a conduct manager and a GM in place?!?  This is madness!

With his bid for a Doc Rivers-Gregg Popovich purpose with a authorization he roughly singlehandedly resurrected in a 2000s, Kidd afterwards asked for — and was postulated — accede to talk with a Milwaukee Bucks. Funny story about that: The Bucks have a coach, Larry Drew, and a ubiquitous manager, John Hammond. Figures during a top levels of a Bucks’ front bureau — that usually invigorated a authorization with a preference of Duke’s Jabari Parker No. 2 altogether in a breeze — had no inkling that a team’s new tenure organisation was mouth-watering Kidd in for an talk to be their boss.

This isn’t fiction, mind you. This is genuine life in a NBA.

I consider this Tweet usually about sums it up!

Let’s all postponement for a second and appreciate a propitious stars that a Boston Celtics classification is not such a cluster ****,  shall we?  Excellent!  And now, let’s get vehement about some summer basketball, as a Celtics have expelled a register of their 2014 summer joining roster:

One week before a organisation debuts in a Orlando summer league, a Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy revealed a roster. As expected, first-round picks Marcus Smart and James Young will make their veteran debuts; returners Kelly Olynyk, Chris Babb, Phil Pressey and Chris Johnson will all play; and 2013 second-round collect Colton Iverson, who spent a past deteriorate in Turkey, will join them. The devise now calls for Jared Sullinger to work out, though not play, in Florida.

Whoo hoo!  We’re articulate bas-ket-ball! Thanks everyone!  

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