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Book review: ‘Pride and Politics’ is about adore overcoming domestic differences

Book review: ‘Pride and Politics’ is about adore overcoming domestic differences

PRIDE AND POLITICS,” by Brittany Larsen, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 265 pages (f)

Summer Knight, a daughter of Arizona’s Democrat U.S. senator, has been informed with domestic and eremite debate for most of her life. But when her associate Mormons take a hurtful position opposite her father, things expand to roughly unforgivable proportions in “Pride and Politics.”

So Summer takes a mangle from Arizona, politics and church, during least, that’s what she’s told herself, when she escapes to a California beach where she hopes to sojourn anonymous.

But when she meets hunky Benson Hardy, Summer realizes a stupidity of separating herself from a things she knows are true. Soon she trades a waves for church and fast becomes enmeshed in a really domestic whirlwinds she was perplexing to avoid.

Besides traffic with a antics of her juvenile sister, flirting with her co-worker and an annoyingly determined visiting teacher, Summer is faced with a clearly unfit charge of attempting to keep her stretch from Benson and his worried ways. But a captivate between a dual is unfit to ignore, and notwithstanding their domestic differences, a dual can’t assistance though tumble in love.

Author Brittany Larsen writes a fun novel about navigating intrigue and domestic beliefs in this fast-clipped review that can pleasure both sides of a aisle. Intertwined with smashing delegate characters who roughly take a limelight from a categorical ones, “Pride and Politics” is a good review for LDS novella lovers. Although there could be some-more tangible intrigue and reduction regretful tension, this light review is a fun approach to take a highlight out of politics and remember that, in a end, adore always wins.

“Pride and Politics” is a purify review for teenagers and adults. The intrigue doesn’t wandering over kissing. There is purify denunciation and 0 violence.

Larsen lives in California with her father and daughters. “Pride and Politics” is her initial novel.

Elizabeth Reid has bachelor’s degrees in economics and history. She has worked in retail, medical billing, catering, preparation and business fields. Her favorite function is that of mom and mother. She blogs during

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