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Blake Shelton Apologizes for ‘Inappropriate’ Tweets

Blake Shelton Apologizes for ‘Inappropriate’ Tweets

In 2011, Blake Shelton tweeted: “Wish a dickhead in a subsequent room would possibly close or learn some English so we would during slightest know what he’s formulation to bomb!!” That twitter and others – including one from 2009 in that he wrote “If we haven’t beheld Richard Simmons is gay, we haven’t beheld Katy Perry’s boobs” – that some interpreted as extremist and homophobic, resurfaced online this weekend, sparking a teenager backlash.

Today, Shelton issued a statement apologizing for a tweets.

“Everyone knows comedy has been a vital partial of my career and it’s always been out there for anyone to see. That pronounced anyone that knows me also knows we have no toleration for hatred of any kind or form,” he wrote. “Can my amusement during times be inappropriate? Yes. Hateful? Never. That pronounced we deeply apologize to anyone who might have been offended.”

Shelton is one of nation music’s many renouned personalities on Twitter, mostly punctuating tweets with “bitch” and claiming to be drunk. The proceed has worked: a “She’s Got a Way With Words” thespian has scarcely 18 million followers. 

Ironically, one of a tweets that landed Shelton in prohibited H2O referenced Ellen DeGeneres, who herself became inextricable in a Twitter debate this week when she common a photoshopped picture of herself roving on a behind of Olympic curtain Usain Bolt. Tweeted Shelton in 2009, “I’m not happy though we consider Ellen is hot! . . . Wait a minute. . . What?!”

Earlier today, Shelton also communicated with fans online, announcing around video that he’d be fasten Luke Bryan for Bryan’s four-day Crash My Playa unison this Jan in Mexico.

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